Advice 1: How to remove Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader – a popular utility for viewing files in PDF format. In that case, if its functioning there were problems or you just decided to install an alternative tool for viewing documents, it is important to fully remove Adobe Reader from the system, so it does not consume disk space and does not affect the operating system.
How to remove Adobe Reader
For the primary removal programs you can use the standard Windows menu. To do this, open "start" - "control Panel". Click on the tab "Programs" - "Programs and features".
Wait for the list of installed applications on the computer. Among them, find Adobe Reader and click on it right mouse button. On the shortcut menu, click Delete. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.
Adobe Reader leaves behind traces in the system as entries in the registry. For removal, use utilities CCleaner or Revo Uninstaller. In that case, if you chose the program CCleaner, make install and run on your computer. Then navigate to "Registry" and press "Search problems."
After finishing scanning, click "Fix" - "Fix all". This procedure will remove all remaining in the system blank records associated with the program. It should be noted that with the help of CCleaner you can fix the problem after you uninstall any programs in a similar way.
This utility you can also check if there's anything left after removal in the system Adobe services. Go to "Tools" - "startup" window. Locate items with the word Adobe in the name. Select them with the left mouse button and press Del button of the keyboard. After all the operations, restart your computer to complete the procedure.
If you installed the Revo Uninstaller, you'll need to switch to "Advanced" to edit the entries in the registry. In the program window, enter search Adobe Reader and click "Open" registry key. Click "Select all" from the menu and then "Remove". Confirm the operation and click "Yes". The program is completely removed from the computer. To apply the changes, restart the computer.

Advice 2: In Acrobat to delete a page

The range of applications Acrobat of Adobe Systems designed to work with documents in format PDF - Portable Document Format. Among these applications is as freeware program for viewing documents (Acrobat Reader), and full editors. In order to be able to delete a page from pdf file, you must use one of the versions of Acrobat-editor - standard, Pro or Suite.
In Acrobat to delete a page
You will need
  • Editor Adobe Acrobat.
Run the editor Acrobat, and then load the desired pdf document. At the left edge of the sheet there is a tab "Page", where the thumbnails with numbers are displayed the icons of document pages. Select among them everything you need - you can delete one or several pages. In the same column above the list of placed pages icon with a picture of a basket or even trash can - click on it. The program requires you confirm the operation, as it is irreversible - click in the dialog box, click OK.
The delete operation can be done via the main Acrobat menu. Discover in this section "Document" and select "Delete pages". This command represents a combination of "hot keys" Ctrl + Shift + D you can use it. On the page thumbnails icon is placed on the gear icon containing a drop-down set of commands - it is also possible to select "Delete pages". How do you activate this command, the editor will display a dialog box with two fields in which you need to specify the range of deleted pages. Having done this, click OK.
After removal of the pages from a document, Adobe recommends that forcibly reduce the size of the file - this command placed in one of the sections editor menu pdf. Depending on version, look for it either in the menu called "File" or under "Document". In both cases, the menu bar has the same wording - "Reduce file size". Selecting this command causes display additional dialog box in which you need to choose one of the options of compatibility of the saved document. By doing this, keep in mind that the choice depends on the size of the pdf file - if in the ninth version of Acrobat you specify compatibility only with the same versions of programs-viewers and editors, file size will be significantly less than selecting compatibility up to fourth versions of these applications.

Advice 3: How to create a document in Adobe Reader 9

PDF documents easy to use and versatile in operation. To open, read and edit them using the Adobe Reader, however, to create such files, it will not work.
Adobe Reader 9 is the tool for reading PDF files and work with them. This program is very easy to browse, print, copy, files of this format. Feature of this program is that it is repeatable, the files are not different from printed, so you can immediately transfer them to the paper without loss of quality. The document created a variety of tools to highlight and edit text by which the use of PDF files becomes more accessible and functional.

Features of Adobe Reader

However, unlike printed documents, files, Adobe Reader may contain additional information in an interactive mode: links in the PDF document aktiviziruyutsya when you click on them, can be buttons, form fields can be filled, and the video or audio to turn on and watch or listen to. In PDF documents you can insert charts, tables and graphs as in a normal text document. The PDF file format for 20 years, is actively used in the workflow of different organizations and is constantly improving. It is approved by the international organization for standardization (ISO).

Create files in PDF format

However, Adobe Reader created read-only files and small changes that you can make with it. You cannot create a PDF file in Adobe Reader. A web service Create a file in it in several ways: open and choose the welcome screen function CreatePDF Online. As the name implies, will run the mode for creating the document directly online. You can also select in the menu "share" and then "Create PDF files". The third way is to find the icon for "Create PDF" on the Adobe Reader toolbar.

Then in the window that opens, you can start to generate a PDF file from the very beginning, either click on the link "Select the file you want to convert to PDF and select the location of the desired document. After the command "Convert" the document will change its format to PDF. The process can be completed. Now the file will open in Adobe Reader, and it can work. To create a document in PDF can and using text file Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, if you save the document select "Save as" then in the drop-down list to find the PDF. Program for creating files is free while Adobe Reader is the paid version up to the professional.
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