You will need
  • - chemical cleaning pencil iron;
  • - cloth;
  • - vinegar;
  • - ammonia;
  • - tablet gidroperita.
In hardware stores you can buy a special chemical pencil which is suitable for cleaning all surfaces of the irons. The first thing you need to turn on the iron and a good heat, then turn off from the network and RUB the Teflon sole with a pencil. Then begin to cause a chemical reaction, after which easily removes dirt and limescale using a normal soft cloth. Substances secreted during the reaction, it is absolutely safe for health. The unpleasant smell is only a consequence of the evaporation of ammonia.
If there was no special pencil for cleaning iron, you can use vinegar. Take a towel (or a small cut from it) and soak in vinegar. Now gently RUB the sole plate. The appliance should not be included in the network. To get a good result, it is possible to make ammonia and vinegar solution (equal proportions), and you want to wipe the sole of the iron. If the pollution has not departed completely, heat the iron and iron the cloth soaked in the prepared solution. It is recommended to carry out such cleaning on the balcony or by an open window. Do not forget to ventilate the room.
Use for cleaning Teflon soleplate tablet gidroperita. To carry out this procedure is recommended on the balcony or in a well ventilated room for exceptions pungent smell. Turn the iron on to the network and heat to maximum temperature, then gently swipe the contaminated sole tablet peroxide (careful not to burn yourself), this will start to occur strong gas evolution. In the end, wipe the cooled Teflon soleplate with a damp cloth, remove any tablet residue. Dry the iron with a soft material that does not leave lint.