You will need
  • - fine salt
  • pencil for cleaning irons
  • - baking soda
  • - vinegar
  • - rags
  • - sponge
  • - descaler
  • - distilled water
To clean the surface of the iron, there are several ways. One of them is "antiquated" method. Heat the iron to its highest temperature. Put on paper small salt and iron her iron. The salt crystals will darken, and the sole of the iron will original appearance.
The following method - clean the iron surface with a special pencil. It is sold at the hardware store, and purchase it will not be difficult. Cut the edge of the package with a pencil, but all of it do not remove, the packing will serve you protection from chemical reactions in the interaction of a hot surface and a pencil. Warm your iron to the highest temperature and disconnect from the power supply. Put it on its side on a cloth and smear with a pencil. Once formed on the surface of the foam, immediately wash it with a rag until it gets cold. If the soleplate is not entirely cleared from the RAID, do the same again. Then wipe the iron with a damp cloth.
To get rid of plaque on the iron will help ordinary baking soda. Pour in a bowl of detergent and pour soda to obtain a paste. Grab a sponge, DAB the surface of the sole with this mixture and leave for 40 minutes to the dirt on the iron corroded. Then rinse the soles with warm water, then the iron can be used.
Help to clean the surface of the iron vinegar, which is surely every home owner in the house. Take unnecessary hard cloth (like an old sock in it), soak it in vinegar and intensively RUB into the surface of the iron. If the result does not satisfy you, repeat the procedure several times until the surface is clean.
Very often on the surface of iron rust. This happens due to the fact that you poured into a container of tap water that is not to be done. Use only distilled water. To get rid of the rust, pour into a container consisting of 1/2 teaspoon of any of descaling in a glass of distilled water and warm iron. Allow the composition to stand for 20 minutes and then drain all the dirt and wash it with clean water. Now can not be afraid that the rust will ruin your underwear.