You will need
  • - vinegar;
  • - citric acid.
Try to clean the iron as often as possible, avoiding large buildups of scale. To reduce its appearance, if possible, a water filter. Less scale gives boiled water, but you can use distilled. But in this case it is better to mix with the normal in the ratio of 2:1. The fact that pure distilled water is worse than steam forms.
To remove existing scale you disassemble the iron and rinse it. But if you are not sure of your technical abilities, it will help you to do in a repair shop for household appliances.
In the home scale in the iron is removed, first of all, special tools designed for this purpose that you can buy in stores.
For those models of irons that have a self-cleaning function, suitable for such a method of descaling. Pour in tank water, and set the iron to maximum temperature. Wait for the moment when the iron will automatically turn off two times. After the second disconnect, press the button self-cleaning, hold the iron over a sink or basin. Of the holes for the steam will rapidly enter and vapor, and particles of scale. Hold the button until the until the water from the reservoir completely will result.
The above method helps only in the case if you clean the unit regularly. But if the scale was welded to the thick layer of iron, boiling of pure water will have no effect. Can try an alternative cleaning method.
Take a large heatproof bowl that can fit the sole of the iron. On the bottom of the tank lay a few wooden sticks to put on them the iron is not in contact with the surface of the vessel. Boil water, add vinegar or citric acid, and pour into the container so that it covers half to two inches in the sole of the iron, but no more. Make sure that the water was not a rubber or electric iron parts.
Leave the instrument in water for 10 minutes to dissolve the scale. Unfortunately, the water in the tank cools down quickly and is likely to complete dissolution of the precipitate will not. Therefore, to enhance the effect, you can put a container with a iron on low heat and boil for a bit. After this procedure, use the button and clean the tank from scale.
If your iron function self cleaning no, can use for "squeezing" the scale of several steam blows (this feature is available in almost all irons).