Use the cleaning function of the iron (special button on the case), which is available in many models. If cherished button there, use the function "par". Follow the steps below:• fill reservoir with a mixture of water with fully dissolved citric acid;
• connect the iron and let it automatically switched off.
• turn the product off, let it cool and repeat the procedure;
• put under the sole of the model of the pelvis and enable self-cleaning or steam;
• evaporation will remove scale from the iron. Shake sole on the vessel to help lime to get out of the internal cavity of the product.
Use a special product for cleaning of scale, which you can buy at the hardware store. Dilute it in water and follow the instructions. Industrial cleaner often use:• pour the solution off the iron;
• include the product and set the mode pair until the holes in the soles will begin to stand out foam;
• unplug the iron and put half an hour on the towel;
• repeat the procedure several times washed (steamed) the internal cavity of the product with clean water;
• sole wipe with a damp cloth and allowed to dry.
Try to clean iron from scale using traditional methods. To do this, take a pan that will fit the product. Mix vinegar, water (per liter 200 g) and pour the mixture into the pan. Further, it is necessary:• put the iron in liquid so that it coated the soles of 1.5 cm Internal cavity of vaporization must be filled in, but beware the rubber part of the case from the vinegar;
• you can put the rear part on the edge of the pan or to enclose under it a coin (or other supports of metal);
• put the pan on low heat and 10 minute "boil" iron;
• remove the scum, a clean or steam;
• otparit the basin with clean water and dry iron a few hours before again to use it.