You will need
  • - PVA;
  • - sodium tetraborate;
  • - gouache.
Psychologists recommend gum for the hands as an anti-stress toys. It is very plastic. If, for example, to keep the gum in a warm room, then after a while it will form a sticky puddle. If you stretch the hands, to the touch that it reminds you of playdough. It is interesting that if you throw a chewing gum for the hands, for example, on the wall, it will be durable and very elastic, literally in seconds. In this state gum somewhat resembles a rubber ball.
All the components necessary for the manufacture of chewing gum, you can buy without any problems in any stationery store, they may already have at home. Complications can arise with only one component is sodium tetraborate, otherwise referred to as "drill", it will have to search. This "treasure" you can buy at the pharmacy, for example, in the form of a solution. Usually it is a liquid glycerin with borax content of about 20%.
First you need to take a plastic container and pour the PVA glue. It is very important that the glue was fresh, so when you buy check the date of manufacture. Now in PVA add fresh gouache, not too much to future gum does not stain. This mixture should be mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass.
After that comes the turn of the "magic" component that is so difficult to buy, it is sodium tetraborate. It should be carefully added to the mixture of glue and paint, quite literally two or three drops, the mixture must be rapidly and thoroughly mixed. The resulting "dough" will gradually begin to thicken, this indicates that the process of making chewing gum for the hands almost complete. Now it's time to remove the clay from the tank. Wrap it in plastic wrap and knead well in their hands. All chewing gum for the hands, you can safely start playing.