You will need
  • - container for mixing ingredients
  • - wooden stick
  • plastic bag
  • - 2 vials of sodium tetraborate
  • fresh PVA glue
  • - gouache or food coloring
  • water 10 ml
  • sequins
  • - starch 2 tbsp.
In in advance prepared capacity for the manufacture of slime to pour the fourth Cup of white glue and 10 ml of warm water, add gouache or food coloring and mix thoroughly with a wooden stick until the mixture became uniform in color.
Then the container is to pour one bottle of sodium tetraborate, add to the mixture 2 tbsp of starch and mix thoroughly, ensuring smooth without lumps. If mixture is thin, add some more borax from the second bottle and mix thoroughly with a stick. In the prepared viscous mixture, add a little glitter to the beauty of your slime. The slime is ready.
Ready to put slime in a plastic bag, because if you store it outdoors, then it's much quicker to dry and will become worthless. Also, do not store slaym near heat sources (radiators, heaters, heaters). The kids can be given for games and very young children, but in this case, be careful that they didn't take it into his mouth.