Show that you respect the passions of man. Even if you don't like what your guy watches football or goes with friends to the club, let go of the situation. Let him have his life.
Get ready to go back. In other words, learn to compromise. So, if your guy can't live without sweets, but you decided to follow a strict diet, that's no reason not to buy sweets.
Don't let household problems to affect your relationship. In whatever difficult situation you are in, learn not to transfer negative emotions on other people, especially if it's your loved one.
Keep in mind the desires of your kid. If it have a value of little surprises from time to time, make a surprise for him. If he likes words of love, do not forget as often as possible to tell him about it.
Do only what you really nice. For example, if you like to cook, cook him a delicious meal. If you like to do massage, massage. Your loved one should not feel falseness.
Be with the best guy in minutes. He feels that for him you can cancel any case. Show him that a relationship with him mean to you much more than a career, a trip to the hairdresser and watching his favorite show.
Be honest. This creates a deep connection. Speak only as prompts you your heart. Look him in the eye. Sometimes a look says more than words.
Be open and flexible. Be ready to change for the sake of a loved one. If you want to make a change in the behavior or appearance of your guy, know how to tactfully and lovingly tell him about it.