You will need
  • Sol;
  • - dull knife;
  • acetic or sulphuric acid;
  • - large capacity;
  • - glycerin or animal fat;
  • - oak bark or alum chromecacheview.
Svezhesnyatoe the skin must be cleaned from the inner side of the remaining meat, fat and blood. After that it needs to cool (for example, on a concrete floor in the shade) and immediately sprinkle them with salt. If the inside of the skins do not proselyte after osvezevanje, it will deteriorate, as will start the process of decomposition. Prokalivanie going on for quite a long time - up to two weeks. About the end of the process shows the absolute dryness of the skin, down to the crunch. Thus prepared skin of a deer can be stored up to two years.
The next step is the soaking of dry hides in a saline solution (30-50 grams of salt per liter of water). To prevent the development of microbes can be added to the antiseptic solution, such as furatsilin. The process of soaking lasts a day or two. If during this time the skin did not become soft, it is necessary to prepare a new solution with the same proportions. Softened the skin hang to drain for a few hours.
With a blunt knife you need to carefully scrape the inner side of the skin (the flesh side), but do not get carried away, so as not to expose the roots of the hair. This process is necessary for final removal of residues of fat and meat. Then the skin is washed, e.g. with means for washing dishes or washing powder.
The next step of tanning deer skins is called pickling. This treatment of the skins acids. For picklemania dissolve acetic acid in water (50-60 ml essences for 1 liter of water), add two tablespoons of salt per liter. Soak in this solution the skin for several hours, until, while the inner layer of the skin does not start easily separated. Then fold the skin in half with the fur on the outside and place under a light load at 10-14 hours.
Next, the skin needs to be dried and then produbit. Tanning is carried out in solution homalomena alum or decoction of oak or willow bark. Note that the bark will stain fur, so the skin is better not to soak, and apply the decoction on the flesh side with a brush. If you use alum, just add them in a solution, in which the pickling rate of 6 g per litre and put the skin for 6-7 hours.
Tanned skin, rinse, Pat dry, stretching carnations on a wooden Board, brush with the inner side of fat. Then the skin need to stretch and comb the fur. Your trophy is ready.