After removing the skins, remove the remaining fat and meat, then liberally sprinkle salt on the inner side so that the salt has absorbed moisture and slowed down the process of decomposition.
After a few days remove the excess salt and dry the skin.
Soak the skin in a saline solution (50 grams of salt per liter of water) until it is tender.
Wash the skin with normal detergent in warm water to remove dirt and smell.
Stretch the skin and make the fleshing, that is, scraping the inside with the residues of what failed to delete in paragraph 1.
Prepare a mixture of water, rye flour (200-250 gr. per liter), salt (30 g. per liter), sodium carbonate (0.5 g. per liter) and yeast (5 to 10 gr. per liter). Place the skin in two days. Prepare yourself for the fact that the solution will emit a very unpleasant smell. From time to time, stir the solution, so as not to allow it to stagnate.
Prepare a tanning solution of a decoction of willow or oak bark, with the addition of a small amount of salt.
How should saturate the skin tanning solution on the inside, fold the fur on the outside and let the day lie down.
Dry skin, not forgetting in the process of drying, stretch and knead it to achieve a future of softness.
If desired, the skin can be further treated with glycerine mix with egg yolk to enhance its water-repellent qualities and softness.