You will need
  • Operating system installed Windows Vista or Windows 7
First, log in to Windows with administrator account. Click the "start" button on the toolbar. Select "control Panel". Next, go to "user Accounts and family safety" click "user Accounts".
user accounts
In the accounts section of the records , locate the "Change settings user account control records" and click on it. In Windows 7 a new window will appear with a slider that offers four types of notifications from "always notify" to "never notify". Here you can choose the type that fits you. In Windows Vista you will see a checkbox to disable user account control records.
Change settings user account control <b>records</b>
In Windows 7 and Windows Vista have slight differences. Windows 7 includes a slider that is designed to disable user account control records. For this purpose it is necessary to put it in the bottom. In Windows Vista will be a tick next to "Use user account control records (UAC) to help protect your computer", which should be removed. In both cases, to save press the "OK" button. To fully apply the settings necessary to restart the computer.
Disabling user account control <b>records</b>