Try to run a program that requires you have admin rights, as administrator. To do this, click with the right mouse button on the file and select "Run as administrator". This way you can run almost any file on the hard drive of your personal computer.
Try changing their rights from limited to administrator. To do this, open control Panel, section " user Accounts and family safety. Find your account and check to see whether the item "Modify your account" and use it. If no such item, then perform the following steps.
Send the computer to restart. After the starting screen of the motherboard, press F8 on the keyboard to display the boot options of the operating system. Select the Safe mode item and press enter. Wait while the system loads the basic components and displays the welcome window on the screen. On computers preinstalled with Windows administrator account password often is simply not specified, and you can easily log into the system with his rights. Now you have the opportunity to perform the operations from point 2.
If password for administrator is selected, there is a special program that will help him to throw. The program ERD Commander provides such an opportunity. Take the disk with ERD Commander and boot from the disk. LockSmith service in the utility disk, you can remove the passwords of any user of the system.
If all these methods haven't worked, and the operating system you can't do anything without administrator rights the only solution is to reinstall the system. This time you give yourself the necessary rights, and configures Windows exactly as you need.