To disable the password admin, log in to "control Panel" using the menu button "start". If your control panel is in classic view, click the "user Accounts". If displayed by category, look for this icon in the same section. When the dialog box opens the "user Accounts", select the task "Change an account" - opens additional window.
In the opened window select "computer Administrator" by clicking on it with the left mouse button. From the following list of tasks, select "Change password". In the upper field of the new window, type the password that you previously came in. Leave the second field empty and click the "Change password". Now the operating system will not prompt you for a password when the computer boots.
If you later want to re-establish the password, log in to change the account to computer Administrator in the manner described in the first and in the second step. Go to window with input fields, enter in the first field and new password in the second field enter the same password again to make sure that you will never forget. The third field can be left blank. Click "Create a password".
The password of the administrator is necessary not only for entering the operating system. By default, this password is also used when the function of protecting files by using a screen saver (after the screen saver to access the files only if you type the password the administrator). If you enjoyed this feature, if you disable the password administrator it will go down, too. No further action from you is required.