Demonstrate love to his wife. Let the period of active courtship in the past. But with you now the woman you wanted. If you don't want to lose your beloved, do not forget about the need to show her that you love her and appreciate. Give the wife flowers not only on holidays, but just so. Make her a nice romantic surprises.
Take care of your wife. Meet her in the evenings, take care of wife when she is unwell. At the meeting with his wife in the evening, ask her how her day was, genuinely ask, what does your favorite woman. Be a real gentleman with his better half, and she will be grateful to you for affection and care.
Help your wife with the housework. We cannot allow all the work was shouldered on the fragile shoulders of your favorite women. Do everything you can do around the house, offer to help. Let your spouse know that we can count on you when cleaning or repairs.
Try to understand his wife. Establish a trusting relationship with his wife. Share with what is in your heart, and be willing to listen to his wife. Understanding is as important for a successful, long and happy marriage, like love. Without understanding, love can quickly exhaust yourself.
Trust your spouse. No need to be jealous for no reason. This behavior is not evidence of a great love, and property relations. Be fair to your wife and not hurt her with his unfounded suspicions.
Don't limit the freedom of the woman. In addition to the family, she needs to be and personal life. Otherwise, one day you can either lose his wife or to detect next to him instead of self-sufficient women person that is ready to dissolve completely in you.