Advice 1: How to start the car without the battery

Car battery, like any other rechargeable portable source of energy without replenishment after a certain time loses the accumulated electric power. In other words, without recharging the accumulator "sits down". Usually this is not the way, when it is necessary by any means to start the car.
How to start the car without the battery
You will need
  • One or more persons as assistants, driving skills, good reaction.
Find (or take) ready to help person (preferably several people).
Get behind the wheel, turn the ignition on and off the Parking brake.
Include second or third gear, moving the gear shifter to the desired position, pre-squeeze the clutch.
Not depressing the clutch pedal (or pressing it again), instruct your assistant to push the car forward.
When the vehicle attains sufficient speed (as far as enough strength assistant), release the clutch pedal. The car will start.
If after releasing the clutch pedal the engine caught, but would not start, worth it to try a little "podgotovte (short taps on the gas pedal).
Useful advice
Not worth the long wait when the car is accelerating. People who pushes you, gets tired quickly, so as soon as the vehicle reaches a speed of about 5 km/h, you can try to start it.

If you have a helper on your car, then manually push your car will not have. You can attach its cable to someone else's car. But the main thing is not to peregazovki", in order to avoid accidents.

In addition, it is possible to jump-start from another car. That is, to extend the special high-voltage wires from the "minus" of one battery to the "minus" of the other and similarly to connect the "pros". After you start your car. If charging from the alternator goes, then you can unplug the wire and go.

Advice 2 : How to start a car without battery

The battery has a time resource that is gradually consumed, and its capacity becomes insufficient for the job. Once he can discharge from extended use. In the winter these problems are amplified. As a result, drivers are faced with the problem of factory car without a battery.
How to start a car without battery
Modern cars are equipped with computers and injectors. For them, the best way to plant will be energizing to your machine from the battery to the other. For this there are special wire-clamp terminals. They are sold at any auto shop and very affordable. It's worth to buy them and store in the car, even if you have a new and stable car. You might help someone on the road, giving a jump start.
To make one car from another, put them together, but so that housing is not in contact. You must include a neutral speed and the Parking brake on each car. Secure the wire to the positive terminal outside the battery, then the other end attach to the "plus" worker. For simplicity, the "plus" terminals may be marked in red and minus are black. Then secure the cable on the "minus" infected battery, and then the corresponding terminal outside. Start the working car and leave it to work for 10-15 minutes. After that, not for instance operating a car, try to get one with the low battery.
If the car in whatever was necessary to make, and the wires no one, then you can resort to a permutation of the battery. Remove the batteries from the cars. Put a working battery in a car that failed to start. Do not attach it on the case and do not advance fixing of terminals. Start the car. Not suppresses the engine, carefully disconnect the working battery and place outside. Well secure it and the terminals. We perform these manipulations only if you have confidence in their knowledge and skills.
If the electronics of the machine allows, you can try to start it while driving. It is necessary to bring the vehicle in motion: request that you hauled on the rope, slide down by inertia from the sloping surface or ask help to your car pushed. When the machine is set in motion, turn the ignition switch to work mode and turn on the speed (better to limit first or second). This method is extremely harmful for machines with injected fuel and is conditionally prohibited.
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