Training best lend themselves to Chihuahua puppies, ranging from two and half to three months. It used to take babies from a breeder does not make sense. Chihuahuas are quite gentle dogs used to separate them from the mother is not necessary.
Bringing a puppy into the house, give him time to adapt. Treat him gently, but it does not bother the baby. Distribute schedule so that the dog has had time on the game, and adequate sleep and rest.
The first command you need to learn the puppy's own name. He needs to understand that when the owner pronounces his name, it is necessary to distract from all the classes and listen carefully to what he says.
The baby used to the nickname quickly learn it before eating. Put on the floor a bowl of tidbits and call the puppy by name. He will run up to you.
Three or four days of this training will give excellent results. The puppy will definitely learn their own name.
Chihuahua - dogs compact. And their puppies - very tiny. Bring them to the administration of natural needs outside not necessarily.
To teach a puppy to defecate in a litter box, you need to start with toddler area where he could run around and celebrate natural needs. This can be a fenced off part of a room or a small cage. The floor was cover with newspaper. Every day remove the part of Newspapers, leaving one marked dog.
Then put in the corner of the cage tray and put tagged with puppy paper. So baby realize that going to the restroom there. Let the little Chihuahua a few days will live in the cage to secure the skill. As soon as puddles in the wrong places will not, it can be released to run throughout the apartment.
Then teach the puppy the command "fu", "no", "me". These are the basic lessons that have to remember the baby. All the others - "give paw", "sit", "lie" and so on, are taught on request. Chihuahua - decorative rock and not official, so train a large number of teams not necessarily.
Most importantly, remember that your little Chihuahua is very fragile. When training or treat it very carefully. Any wrong move can hurt him. Therefore it is better to act firmly, but gently, in any case without using force.