Looks like a Chihuahua-mini?

In fact, such breed as Chihuahua-mini, not registered. If you hear of a dwarf or miniature Chihuahua, so you try to cheat. In one litter the female can meet the puppies in different sizes. It depends on the health of the mother, the characteristics of prenatal development, hereditary and acquired after birth diseases, ranging from the quality and quantity of feed and many other factors. Selling you Chihuahua-mini breeder is well aware that hands you a puppy or unhealthy, or of an ordinary representative of the breed Chihuahua, who soon catch up in size of their "countrymen".

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Chihuahua is a fearless dog with excellent response and lively character. The main feature of the breed – the little brain box in the shape of an Apple. These dogs often hold their tails high, typically in the form of half-rings or curved). The tail wrapped lower back or lowered between the legs is considered unacceptable to the standard of the breed. Body dogs Chihuahua like a square, and in females it is more stretched. Broad chest, rounded ribs. Eyes Chihuahua dark, large, round and very expressive. The ears of these dogs are large, wide at the base and tapering to ends, far apart. Paws Chihuahua small, but the hind limbs are very developed muscles.

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The disadvantages of this breed include:
too long body;
- malocclusion;
- too thin, long and flowing hair (even long-haired);
- slick (smooth);
- an open fontanel.
- overly aggressive behavior;
- pointed ears;
- shortage of weight (less than 500 grams) or too much weight (over 3 pounds).

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The character of the Chihuahua

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Those who are going to have a Chihuahua, you need to remember that dogs of this breed can't live in the same apartment or house with small children. The situation is not excluded that the child, sparkle, seriously hurt an animal. Even the dogs are not too happy when I see in front of the little man. A characteristic of the breed in the fact that the dog needs constant supervision (especially at a tender age).

Chihuahua naughty. It is noisy and domineering dogs consider themselves owners of the house. Cases are known when a tiny Chihuahua completely subjugated Rottweilers and boxers. Bratty Chihuahuas are difficult to train, but first and foremost to teach him not to bark at any object and throw at strangers. On the other hand, the Chihuahua is the perfect "glamorous" dog that you can take with you on walks, bringing in a special bag. Representatives of this breed do not mind sleeping close to the owner day or night. It is also important that the Chihuahua is quite comfortable even in a small apartment: they do not need space and constant exercise in nature. Chihuahua emotionally involved with 1-2 people who are in contact with them constantly, and are willing literally to give his life for the owner, if you feel any physical threat. These dogs require constant attention and contact.