Of course, this dog is not required to complete a full course of study, as do offices, hunting and fighting dogs. The minimum necessary for her to know his nickname, a place to be able to walk in a collar on a leash without him, not to beg for food at the table and not to pester other people, to know the commands "come", "Next", "Fu", "no". In addition, she needs to be potty trained.
как воспитываать волкадава
The nickname and its place, usually, the puppy begins to realize almost from the first day. Chihuahuas are very intelligent kids and almost immediately begin to respond to spoken aloud his name. But training will go much faster if his success will be supported by a small piece of something delicious. It can be an Apple or unsalted pretzels. And caress, each run should be encouraged with gentle voice and stroking the puppy.
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This dog is a very important social adaptation, so she was not fearful and hysterical. So start walking her immediately three weeks after revaccination. In the cold weather to walk with her, hidden under a jacket, but the head of a Chihuahua must be protruding. Earlier acquaintance with the outside world is beneficial for the normal development of the psyche of the dog. To benefit he will go and meet the other dogs of the same small size.
у щенка чихуахуа не стоят уши
It is easy to train him and the command "come", her say, when his name is on feeding, and just beckoning, stimulating obedience treat. No matter how adorable it may seem to you the puppy, teaching him commands, say them loud and clear. Not punctuated by words of command diminutive nicknames and other words, distracting the dog from its essence.
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Will definitely teach the dog, so she calm when her hands are, after all, her fall could result in injury. Teach her the command "no" to natural curiosity did not disappoint the dog. To do this, use a sharp, but not strong tension on the leash, stern voice. To suppress her attempts to bark, even if the reason for doing this, otherwise you risk simply to become deaf from her ringing bark that will accompany any manifestation of feelings.
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Teach your puppy Chihuahua to do a handstand on a table, to show his teeth, calmly respond when his brushing, inspect the ears, eyes.