You will need
  • - candle
  • - spring water
  • Sol
  • - incense
  • - the stone which will become the mascot
To make the talisman, you need to find a suitable stone. The mascot could be a decoration presented to a loved one. Some people purposely purchase a stone that matches their Zodiac sign or planet ruler, others prefer accidentally found a piece of rock. When selecting stone it is important that you like it. Pick up a few different stones, and intuition will tell you which one is yours. You might even feel emanating from the stone warm.
Decide why you need a mascot. Universal amulets do not exist. The stone can give you confidence in their own forces or to protect from the evil eye, help in the treatment of disease or to accelerate a appearance in your life of mutual love. From the purpose for which the talisman is made, depends on its strength.
Decide in what form you would prefer to wear the talisman. Not necessarily it will be a ornament that should be worn on special occasions. Most effective are those mascots that never flaunted. You can put a stone in the compartment of the bag or purse and always carry with you, you can put on a rope and wear it as a pendant under clothing.
Activation of the talisman is the most complex and responsible stage. To stone really has become your talisman or object that attracts certain events, it is necessary to properly charge. This can be done through a simple ritual.
Before the new moon all is safely gathered in: pour water in the dish (it is better to take spring or of Holy Church), buy a candle and incense sticks, pour in a container a couple of tablespoons of rock salt. Arrange all these objects on the corners of a rhombus. In the upper right corner should stand salt, symbolizing the element earth on the bottom, the candle symbolizing the element of fire. On the left, place a saucer of water, the right incense sticks – symbol of the element of air. The night of the new moon with a match light the candle and incense. Put the talisman in the center of the diamond and concentrate. Look at the stone and mentally send him my request. Ask the stone to protect you or give you something. After some time (you will feel when) take the stone in your hand and connect in turn with each of the four elements, starting from the top. First, dip the stone in salt for a few moments, and then into the water. Then hold the second in a flame of fire, move it near a scented stick to fumigate with smoke. At the end of the ritual you need to put the stone on the window where the moonlight falls (for women) or sunlight (for men).
After 3 days take the stone in your hand, hold it for a few minutes. You will feel the strength and power of a charged talisman. From this point the stone can be carried with you permanently or on certain days when you will need his support.
Any mascot with time wasting its energy potential. Most often, it is lost, disappears. In this case, there is a need to buy a new stone and to hold the above described ritual. If the stone is not lost, but no longer performs its function, it is recommended to repeat the ritual charging of the talisman.