Advice 1: How to make a talisman with their hands

A ward or a small personal item is a talisman, bringing good luck, protecting from the evil eye, attracts money, etc., can do yourself, without the help of sorcerers and psychics. And in order to learn how to make a talisman with their hands, not necessarily to study occult literature, revised volume with spells, and to perform any mysterious and complicated rites. Mascot who can actually "work" can be done independently.

To start, you need to determine exactly the functions of the amulet. What is it going to be? For protection from the evil eye, or, perhaps, to attract good luck? Once the choice is made, it is possible to consider what material needs to be our amulet.

For the manufacture of the amulet intended for protection against damage, the evil eye, and just negative emotions of the people around us the best is the two kind of material is wood and silver. By the way, many carry protective amulets, not knowing it is silver and wooden jewelry. If you don't like to wear silver rings or earrings, and wooden beads and bangles are not for you, you can make a talisman that will not be noticeable, but will not be less effective. Silver coin in a small breast pocket, or a piece of wood which you always carry with you will be a good protection for your energy. Particularly strong in this respect such species as birch, cypress, oak, cherry and sandalwood.

How to make a talisman with their hands in order to attract money? You need a coin, be sure the yellow "gold" color, and preferably new. Money for a long period of time in use (both paper and metal), use is quite risky. Banknotes and coins during its existence, pass through millions of hands, charging them with energy. Well, if the talisman we will choose a coin, which was fortunate, lucky, wealthy man. And if the opposite? It is therefore advisable for protection money choose a coin new – you can even specifically buy it in the Bank. No special conspiracy for such a talisman is not needed: you just need to part with this coin-a talisman, never show it to anyone else, occasionally get it, and, holding in his hands, mentally (or out loud) be willing to come to you prosperity, money, luck. This amulet has cumulative properties, that is, the more you will be talking to him", the faster it will work.

Important rule that you need to remember the one who wants to create their own mascot: the most important thing for any talisman is the contact with the owner, as well as your attitude and confidence.

Advice 2 : How to make the amulet with his own hands

What is an amulet? The amulet is an object that brings good luck to its owner in a certain thing- love, Affairs, work and so on. It is something more intimate than a toothbrush, and therefore must be "tailored" – that is, made for a specific person and under him. Best of all, if the amulet is made by hand of the future owner.
The manufacture of the amulet - case, does not tolerate vanity
First of all, you must decide three questions:
1. How it will look next amulet;

2. From which it will be;

3. What is it you need (in what area of your life it needs to attract good luck).
The most important is to define the area in which you will operate your amulet. Don't expect the item made to attract into your life love, suddenly makes you a John Templeton.
About appearance it's easy. Get creative, let your inspiration fly. Let your amulet will be hand-embroidered runes of a pouch or a finely woven beaded necklace. You might want the amulet, to resemble "dream catcher" or the Egyptian Ankh. Choose a shape that is close to you.
For the amulet, pick the items that you associate with his future area of responsibility. Want to attract luck in love? What do you associate with love? Perhaps this dry fragrant rose petals and a candle-end from your last romantic dinner or a piece of rose quartz. Choose everything that is associated with tender feelings and passion.
The same rule applies to other things. For amulet for good luck in business, useful notes, coins, Yes, even a biography of Warren Buffett! If only the object in the imagination is closely associated you are with money.
In the second stage, when all components of the future of the amulet collected, it is important to choose the right time for its production. All actions aimed at attracting something into your life, are produced only at the new moon and at the moon rising.
Also important is the day of the week. For example, Friday patronage of Venus, and it means that this is the best day to make amulet to attract into your life romance. Wednesday – day of mercury and are ideal in order to make a talisman, attracting good luck in business. Tuesday belongs to the warlike Mars, Thursday – Royal leader Jupiter Saturday – a strong and philosophizing forever alone-Saturn, Sunday – the life-giving Sun – a patron of the greatest representatives of humanity and careerists.
In addition to moon phase and day of the week should also refer to the astrological clock. You may be surprised, but for every hour of the day meets the definition of a planet whose patronage not be superfluous.
Making the amulet, think about what you would like to have. All the energy of your desire will switch to the thing you are doing.
Once the amulet is made, try to wear it. The first time you may be a little uncomfortable – it will soon pass and the amulet, understand and accept you, will serve your purpose faithfully.
An amulet (from Latin amuletum — "the strength-giver") — the subject, to whom are attributed magic powers, which should bring happiness (energy, the mysterious action), and to protect them from losses (protective effect).
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Amulet — Arabic word, it means the pendant, the amulet, which protect from damage. Usually the amulet worn on the chest to protect from sorcery and disease; it is covered with different signs or labels. Amulets are natural and artificial. Making amulet was accompanied by a magical ritual and occurred at a fixed time, reading special spells.
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