On the morning of March 27, Gagarin along with his instructor Seregin performed a training flight on MiG-15UTI. Yuri contacted headquarters and reported that the job is done, and the aircraft returns to base. However on the ground the pilots did not return.
Three hours later, when it became clear that the fuel in the aircraft was already over, unfolded a large-scale search. In the end, near the village of Novoselovo one of the helicopters found the wreckage. Later, when at the scene a special Commission managed to find the personal belongings of the pilots, a wallet with a driver's license and a piece of jacket of Gagarin with food stamps.
According to the official version, the plane in which there were Gagarin and Seregin, in the course of making a sharp maneuver fell into a tailspin from which it could not get out. There was no evidence that the machinery was faulty, and in the analysis of the tissues of the pilots, the specialists found no foreign substances. The majority of scientists are inclined to the version that Gagarin was trying to avoid a weather balloon, a flock of birds or other aircraft. This forced him to go into a tailspin.
Played a role, and disadvantages of the model the MiG-15UTI. The design of two external fuel tanks is considered a failure in aerodynamic respect. In addition, with the rapid decline of the aircraft altimeter detects changes with delay, and the pilots could simply not be aware of what's going to happen collision.
Gagarin – an extraordinary person, and his death had grown mysterious with the details. Spoke version that the pilot does not die. The accident was staged, and the Yuri was placed in an asylum because of the conflict with Brezhnev. And the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga believed that Gagarin abducted by aliens.