After completed insemination mating selection in the dog in most cases is either change color, or cease altogether. This definition of a sign of pregnancy in dogs is quite reliable.
Notice that the result of binding did become fertilized in the first month of pregnancy dogs is almost impossible. Some animals are a bit fat, others have a strong appetite, and others, on the contrary, refuse food and feel very bad. A symptom of pregnancy in some dogs can be a sudden softening of wool or unusual behaviour (constant anxiety or, conversely, relaxation).
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Became pregnant after mating the dogusually begins to "swing right". In naturally hatched puppies animal's enhanced status. The dog respect and protect all other members of her pack. So don't be surprised if, after you knit your favorite will be much impudent and behave much more uninhibited than before mating.
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At gestational age of one month the symptoms become more obvious. The breast in dogs thickens, the glands become clearly visible, and the nipples swell. In addition, the nipples in dogs with pale skin turn bright pink.
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At the beginning of the second month of pregnancy the dog can notice the expansion of her chest, or rather, the volume increase of the abdomen behind the ribs. The dog becomes much calmer and more careful.
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On the second month of pregnancy is strongly enlarged Breasts dogs is impossible to ignore. Around the nipples they formed halos hairless skin. And for 8-10 days before delivery, usually from swollen nipples dogs already beginning to ooze milk.
Three weeks before the birth weight of a pregnant dog begins to increase dramatically. In General, dogs pregnancy usually lasts about 63 days.