You will need
  • - antiseptic;
  • the wounds from scarring;
  • plastic surgery.
Contact-established cosmetic salons, if you love piercings. In this case, there will be more guarantees that the puncture site, if necessary, quickly and safely heal. Before you injure especially sensitive areas (such as iron breast, eyebrow, tongue and other), first go to the doctor.
You should not make two or more holes in one area of the skin, otherwise you may provoke inflammation. Overgrow the piercing then it will be harder. If you still decided to make a number of punctures (for example, at the ear) let the first hole to fully heal. Only after that should you do the second. The piercing is small, but the operation, and it requires treatment. Beauticians usually prescribe an antiseptic (often – 0,01% solution of "Miramistina"). They need to wet the cotton wool and clean the wound 2 times a day.
Zaratite piercing on the navel, if you are planning a pregnancy in six months. Usually this time is enough for the hole in the abdomen obscured. Don't let things drift – the growth of the fetus Nesterovskaya hole will stretch, and clean the puncture earrings for the future mother will be impossible. At the plastic surgery practice, beautiful fashion decoration in pregnant women often leads to ugly scar.
Carefully inspect the hole of the earrings that you want to overgrow. If it is small and not zastarela - there is a chance that the piercing will heal without any consequences. If the puncture appeared scar, go to the beautician. You can help the special pharmacy ointments like "Mederma", "Klevine", "Contractubex" and other such remedies. To prevent possible side effects, do not use ointment without prescription.
If your piercing was done a long time ago, badly overgrown and turns into a scar, consult plastic surgeon. Do not tighten this, not to start the disease process. Superficial damage of the epidermis you will quickly be removed and laser resurfacing or other techniques of plastics. To get the same from the sprawling red nodes (called keloid) will not be easy.
Get ready for a rather long treatment of the keloid scar. Usually the scars from piercings correcting, deleting, deforming the skin tissue. But the process of development of rough scar is different in different people, so you should choose an experienced doctor, he will develop an individual treatment plan.