You will need
  • is a broken thing;
  • - swipe;
  • - iron
  • brush;
  • - stain;
  • spray.
The easiest method is freezing. Use it if gum is not strongly ingrained in the fabric. Lay the garment in a plastic bag and place in the freezer. Leave for 1 hour and then remove the fabric. The gum will harden and will easily come off on clothes for myself. If not immediately removed, then try to pick off the sharp edge of the metal nail files or dislocate it. If the clothes remain stain gateley gum, you can bring alcohol. This method is suitable for things of small size.
If gum is stuck on the fur or coat, then in that case will help the ice. Attach it to the contaminated area, wait a few minutes until the gum hardens. Then remove all hard brush. You can get rid of gum if you fill it with boiling water and then remove with a conventional toothbrush. If only the stain,then apply the iron. With his help, iron the spot with the gum through a napkin. Zvetelina gum melts and sticks to paper.
Try to remove svetelnou gum other gum. To do this, chew it well and stick to the contaminated location several times until, until it otlepitsya. You can get a special spray to remove. Apply it on the contaminated area. After a certain time will nantokite fabric. Try to pull the gum with gasoline or regular alcohol.
If the gum is deeply ingrained, then get dishwashing detergent or stain. To do this, soak the thing in water, apply onto soiled area. The gum should be soft. Remove it and wash the fabric in the usual way.To withdraw the gum from the fabric by using bleach.
If the thing is not color, then use acetone. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the solution or liquid varnish remover. Wipe the spot, the gum will dissolve. Wash the fabric in the washing machine to avoid stains from tools.