You will need
  • plastic bag,
  • - ice cubes
  • - denatured alcohol,
  • paper napkins,
  • petrol
  • - solvent
  • - stain remover.
One of the most simple and effective ways to remove the gum – put the filthy thing in a plastic bag and safely go in the freezer. After complete freezing the gum will become solid, and to clean off her clothes is not difficult. If after the done procedure tissue left small traces, remove them with a cotton pad soaked in denatured alcohol.
If the gum stuck to more voluminous objects such as upholstered furniture, bedding or carpet, place them in the freezer, of course, will not succeed. So the best way is to put a few ice cubes (wrapped in a plastic bag or cloth) on the stained spot to chewing gum as it should froze. After the main part of the solidified mass is removed, again wipe the stain with denatured alcohol. From the stains will not be over, and thing will look pristine.
It argued that like cures like. To do this, take the already chewed gum and mash it with your fingers to such a state that she began to stick to him. Now attach it to the place of pollution and stick, and then unstick. Continue pressing until then, until you eliminated the main center of adhered gum.
Following an effective way to remove gum from fabric based on the effect that is the opposite of the previous one. Cover contaminated area with a paper towel and drive on it hot iron. Under the influence of heat, the gum will soften and stick to the paper. But during this procedure several times to change the cloth.
Gum tissue can be removed with various solvents and refined petrol, which is sold specifically for lighters. Do not forget about universal stain removers. This tool apply to the affected area of fabric and leave for 5 minutes. After that, collect the gum in a cloth, such manipulation repeat several times.