There are many ways to get rid of chewing gum on clothes. You can choose the most convenient for you, and start to act.The most common way of dealing with the stuck chewing gum – freeze. Place the damaged item in the freezer, and keep it in there until the gum hardens. After this procedure, the gum can be easily removed, since the cold she destroyed. If you don't want to freeze the whole thing, then use the ice cubes. Wrap a few pieces in the package and put it on chewing gum. When it freeze, let's get to it.
Another quite effective method based on opposite principles. The gum can be affected not only by cold but also warmth. To do this, take a few paper towels and an iron. At the place where the stuck chewing gum, put the napkin and slide on top of very hot iron. Repeat the procedure several times, changing wipes. Chewing gum at a high temperature becomes more liquid and absorbed into the cloth, thereby leaving the fibres. But watch out for iron, because you can accidentally ruin the fabric.
In addition, clean clothes can be plain hot water and a sponge for washing dishes. Just RUB a good ill-fated spot, and the gum itself will move away from the tissue.
The gum can be removed with a conventional solvent. Take a cotton swab dipped in acetone and remove chewing gum. To remove the pungent smell, be sure to wash clothing.
Modern lotions for removing make-up turns out to be multifunctional. After all, with the help of this tool very well withdraw the stuck gum. Pour the desired part of clothing lotion and RUB with a sponge. The gum will disappear as if it never existed.
In addition to the popular ways of dealing with sticky sweetness, there are special stain removers. They are not cheap, but perfectly cope even with dried-on chewing gum.