Advice 1: How to fill a receipt of state duty for the passport

In addition to the basic documents (passport, work book and photocopies) when applying to the Federal migration service in obtaining a passport you need to provide pictures or take pictures in the FMS and is sure to bring receipt of payment of registration fee. There are several options to populate this document.
How to fill a receipt of state duty for the passport
You will need
  • A computer connected to the Internet, printer, flash drive, CD or other storage device, pen, passport
First decide what sample you need a passport. This depends on the size of the state fee. There are two types of foreign passports. Biometric, or a new sample, which is issued for 10 years. The state duty for receipt for an adult is $ 2500 for a child up to 14 years – 1200 R. the Second option is foreign passports – old paper. It is issued for 5 years, stamp duty for adult and child up to 14 years, equal to 1,000 p. and 300 p., respectively.
Look through the Internet on the website of the Federal migration service your area or other organizations that facilitate the obtaining of passports, the service receipt about payment of state duty. Form receipt. Pay attention to the details of the payee. It is extremely important to specify them correctly. Print the receipt on the printer. The payment document is ready.
If there is no printer, search the Internet ready form of state duty. Be sure to check the correctness of the mentioned details of the units of the Federal migration service, where they will receive a passport. Download the form on a flash drive or other storage device. Go to any copy center, print out the form. Write in it by hand your details (surname, name, patronymic, address of registration) and a receipt is ready for payment.
In the absence of a computer, take payment form the registration fee in the regional office of the Federal migration service of Russia. If necessary, find out there details – Bank name, account number, BIK, INN, KPP. By hand, carefully and accurately enter all necessary data. Complete data on the payer. Pay the state duty on international passport in any branch of Sberbank of Russia. Or go to the nearest branch of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Give the passport to the employee of the financial institution, and he in a matter of minutes, will issue a receipt of state duty on international passport. This service is free, it is important to know what amount to pay.
Useful advice
Receipt of payment of registration fee is valid for three years from the date of payment, provided that during this time is not changed, the amount of paid state duty.

Advice 2: How to fill out a receipt for the fine

Most people are law-abiding citizens that do not violate public order, behave correctly and not trying to make trouble. But while there are motorists and the traffic police, the administrative offence will be made, will be appointed punishment in the form of penaltiesthat must be paid. Of course, not only violated the rules of the road, but the principle of filling of the receipt on the penalty is always the same.
How to fill out a receipt for the fine
To fill the receipt on the penalty, you need to know the details on which to make payment. They can be specified in the form of a stamp on the back of the Protocol on administrative offense – it is only necessary to take the receipt form and enter all available data in the appropriate fields.
For the payment of a fine may be issued as a separate sheet with details. To enter in the fields Blanca receipt data specified on the printout and information about the payer, too, no one not working. Fill out the form to avoid corrections and blots.
Special care should be taken when filling out the fields, which fits the numbers (Bank account, correspondent account, CSC and so on), so you do not have to track down and return their money, gone to an unknown account.
Fines are accepted at the Bank, to the amount of the payment is added to Bank Commission for the transaction. Also many banks on the Bulletin boards have details of those agencies and organizations, the benefit of which is most often the payment is made. The receipt can be completed by hand or on the computer.
The receipt of Sberbank of Russia can be filled on the Internet page (address: In the receipt you must enter all the details available to you in the printout. Fields, information about which you have not, leave blank. Further, a receipt need to check, print, insert date, sign, pay the fine at a Bank.
Motorists can visit the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate of MIA of Russia (address: http://www.gibdd.ruin section "Drivers" select the "Violations and fines" in the top menu click on "Addresses and receipts", choose your region and unit of the traffic police, where it was issued. A page will open with contact data unit, and information about the account details for the payment of administrative fines. The motorist will only have to fill the fields with information about the payer (name, surname, patronymic, address), enter the amount of the fine and print a receipt.

Advice 3: How to fill out receipts for the light

To pay for utilities required by legal and physical persons. To do this, complete the appropriate documents, usually a receipt. Its form is approved by the acts of the regional government and contains a number of mandatory details.
How to fill out receipts for the light
You will need
  • - form of receipt for payment for electricity;
  • - documents of enterprises or individuals;
  • - a room, series of the counter;
  • - meter readings for each month;
  • the company details for energy costs.
Document for the calculation of payment for electricity consists of two parts: notification and receipt. Both of them must contain details of the companies providing the relevant utility services. These include the organization name, its INN, KPP, Bank account, name of Bank where it is open, BIC, correspondent account, the legal address of the enterprise, contact phone number and mode of operation of the company.
Name of the legal entity or physical person which is the owner or renter of the premises indicated on the receipt and notice. Enter the name of the company in accordance with the Charter, other constituent document or your personal data in accordance with the passport. Then specify the address of the location of firms places of your residence.
Each payer has a personal account which is used for the calculation of the amount on electricity bills. Write its number in the upper right corner of the receipt and notice.
Billing for the light produced depending on how many people registered at this address (apartments, houses). Specify the number of registered, provisionally registered, temporarily retired. a special category of citizens are pensioners, so they stand out from the total number of living persons.
Write the name of the month of the year for which you fill out the receipt and notice for electricity.
Specify the serial number of meter installed in your apartment, house, office space. Be aware that currently need to put the devices to calculate energy consumption of a new sample. Previous and current his testimony, fill in the appropriate fields.
Write the total area where there is a charge of electricity. Put a personal signature and enter the calculated amount for light.

Advice 4: How to fill out a receipt of payment for electricity

The consumption of electricity and other resources, should be paid in accordance with rates established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. With this purpose, the apartments are set in a special metering devices – electricity meters, readings which are the basis for making payments.
How to fill out a receipt of payment for electricity
You will need
  • - receipt form;
  • - current and previous meter readings;
  • calculator.
Look carefully at the receipt for payment of electricity. It usually consists of two forms (invoice and notice), but depending on the region and the organization-recipient of payment, their form may vary.
Enter your account number (specific to the organization) in the designated field. If you don't know or have forgotten it, see the service contract with this organization (for example, if you live in Moscow – Mosenergo).
Enter your personal details: surname, name, patronymic and address of residence (the one where you installed the counter on which the payment is made) in the appropriate boxes.
In the field "payment for" or the like, record the month and year for which you will pay for electricity.
View actual receipts for electricity meter readings specified in the column "current". Write them down in a new receipt in the column "previous".
Remove the current readings of your meter and enter them in the box with the appropriate name.
Subtract the number of current kilowatt/hours previous meter readings.
Multiply the number (number consumed per a certain time unit of kilowatt/hours) cost per kilowatt/hour (your rate).
The resulting multiplication product will be the amount payable for electricity. Enter it in the box labeled "sum" or "total".
At the very bottom of the receipt to sign your name, indicate day, month and year the payment.
The second receipt form is filled in the same way, in addition, it can be any additional fields provided by the organization of your "sales".
If you are paying electricity for the first time on a new counter, with at the beginning zero readings, the field "previous" in the receipt is not filled in field "current" is the number of kilowatts, which at the moment shows the display unit of accounting. Then multiply this figure by the cost per kilowatt/hour.
Consider the timing of payments established by your energy company. If you don't produce a payment, you will be charged penalties for each day of delay.

Advice 5: How to recover a receipt

The only way to prove the fact of payment of duty, penalty, or interest on the loan is the provision of a receipt (receipt, invoice) about payment. Automatically a receipt is issued when payment is made through electronic recharge system of accounts — ATMs, kiosks and more. Lost the receipt , you can restore, if you remember the date of the transaction, details of the parties and the type of payment — automated points of payment accounts.
How to recover a receipt
Call technical support or consultant if payment was made through a Bank and/or its affiliates. Their rooms can be found in the service menu of the ATM, or by contacting the office of the Bank. On the phone to request the transaction history (the operator will dictate the list after you confirm ownership of your Bank card) and select the receipt for which you want to recover. The operator will explain in detail where and how you can get a receipt again.
To reset the receipt of payment in the terminal, if you know the time and details of the parties. It is sufficient to specify the exact time of payment, the account from which the fees were originally paid (most often cash) and the account to which the payment was received; then the system will ask to enter some data, clearly confirming the completion of your transaction. After entering the additional data you will be re-issued receipt for the payment.
Please contact the office of the Bank or other organization, in the account which you made payment. Ask any of the cashiers transaction history, presenting the identity document. Select the receipt for which you want to receive again and the account will be re-issued. Most often the service is provided with charge state agencies and banking services are asked to pay for the time employees spend correcting errors made by the payer (loss of receipts listed in the list of such errors). It should be noted that it is not always a receipt , you can recover: some services and structures, there is a period after which the receipt of payment can not be recovered. Therefore needs to be restored as soon as I discovered the loss or corruption of receipt of payment.

Advice 6: How to calculate a state duty when filing a claim

When applying to the court together with a claim need to provide a receipt about payment of state duty. Its amount depends on the category of the dispute, and the amount of the claim. The details of the correct calculation of the state fee with all the nuances set out in the Tax code.
How to calculate a state duty when filing a claim

The state duty, its types

State duty is a fee charged for actions that have legal significance. She is paid by individuals and organizations in the manner and amount prescribed by law.

The size of the specified fee determined in accordance with the rules of the Tax code article 333.19 of which explained in detail the entire mechanism of calculation, provided that the petition addressed to the magistrate or the district court, that is, the so-called courts of General jurisdiction. For the calculation of arbitration courts state duty is made a little differently.

Stamp duty is charged upon any disputes, even if they are non-property or property can not be assessed. In this case, the citizen will have to pay 200 rubles, and organizations - 4,000 roubles.

If the court is considering the case of divorce or alimony, the amount of duty fixed. The divorce - 400 roubles, for alimony - 100 roubles.

How to calculate stamp duty

The size of the state fee depends entirely on the amount of the claim, that is, from the amount the plaintiff wants from the defendant. The law also specifies rules for calculation of the state duty that is monetary criteria.

If the price of the claim less than 20 000, the state fee will be 400 rubles, or 4% of value of dispute but not less than 400 rubles. For example, the price of the claim is 20 000, the fee payable is 800 rubles. The calculation is as follows: 20 000 * 4 / 100 = 800. When the amount of the claim, 4% of which will be at least 400 rubles, it is necessary to pay 400 rubles. And the amount of the claim, 4% of which will be more than 400 rubles — the amount received in the calculation.

If the price of the claim is between 20 001 to 100 000 rubles is charged for 800 rubles and 3% of the amount exceeding 20,000 rubles. For example, the price of the claim is 55 000 rubles. 55 000 — 20 000 = 35 000; 35 000 * 3 / 100 = 1050; 1050 + 800 = 1850. Thus, the fee in the price of the claim 55, 000 will be 1850 rubles.

When the price of the claim from 100 001 roubles to 200 000 roubles the duty charged for consideration of the claim by the court shall be not less than 3200 rubles plus 2% of the amount exceeding 100 000 rubles. Thus, the value of the claim is 135 000. 135 000 — 100 000 = 35 000; 35 000*2 / 100 = 700; 3200 + 700 = 3900. The fee specified in the price of the claim will be 3900 rubles.

Price action is from 200 001 to 1 000 000 rubles. In this case, paid 5200 and 1% of the amount exceeding 200 000 rubles. For example, the price of the claim — 800 000 rubles. 800 000 — 200 000 = 600 000; 600 000 / 100 = 6000 rubles; 5200 + 6000 = 11200 rubles. That is, the size of the state duty at a price of ISK 800 000 rubles is equal to 11200 rubles.

The price of the claim more than 1 000 000 rubles - shall be paid 13200 rubles 0,5% of the amount in excess of 1 000 000 rubles, but this sum cannot be more than 60 000.

If the application is submitted to issue a court order, then the fee will be 50% of the registration fee that would be paid when filing a property claim.

Advice 7: How to pay the state duty for registration of marriage

In order to register their relationship in the registry office, you must pay the state fee. This point should not scare, because the required amount is quite low, and the procedure itself is not time consuming.
How to pay the state duty for registration of marriage

Payment of the state duty for registration of marriage

Before assigning the official date of marriage must submit an application and pay the state fee. This is done 1-2 months before the proposed celebration. This time is given to people thinking of committed step.

If you are going to the registry office to supply essential documents, you need to have the following list:

1. Passport.

2. The evidence of termination of previous marriage, if such there were.

3. If the groom or bride is a minor, requires special permission to marry.

4. Non-resident citizens will have to provide proof of temporary registration.

If you compare the size of the state duty for registration of marriage spent on the procedure of preparation for the wedding celebration of money, it would be very minor. This amount is only 200 rubles.

In the Registrar's office will be asked to complete an application form and given a receipt with the required details and the amount. As a rule, near the Department of marriage are banks where you can make payment.

Find out if banking institutions do not exist or the couple are very busy and the queue at the box office very long, it is possible to pay legal costs in advance. For this you need to print the necessary forms from the Internet or pre-taking it to the office of the Registrar. At the time of filling of the voucher did not have any difficulties with the details, the necessary information is available in advance at the registry office.
After payment of the state fee, you can safely go to apply for marriage registration.

Exemption from registration fee and a refund of the paid money

In special cases it is possible to release the pair from the payment of state fees. This applies, for example, of cases staff errors or typos in the certificate of marriage through their own fault.
In such situations, a duplicate is issued free of charge, at the time, as a re-issuance of a document would cost another 200 rubles.

As a rule, paid stamp duty will not be returned under any circumstances. This applies even to those cases where, after filing, the couple decided not to marry or decided to move the date of celebration. In the case of overdue application, the fee will have to pay again. If lovers, for example, after filing, are not passports to the office of the Registrar, and will come on a few days later, they will have to undergo the entire procedure again, beginning from filing and before payment receipt. Therefore, in order not to overpay once again, this procedure should be treated with all seriousness.

Advice 8: How to pay a duty upon approval of the settlement agreement

In approving the global agreement court of arbitration the state duty shall be paid by the plaintiff in a General manner, but half of its size to be returned to the plaintiff. If the settlement agreement is approved in the court of General jurisdiction, the claimant paid a state fee is not refundable.
How to pay a duty upon approval of the settlement agreement
The parties reached a litigation settlement agreement is one of the reasons for the completion of proceedings in arbitration courts, courts of General jurisdiction (global, regional). One of the plaintiff relevant to the issues in this situation is the distribution of public duties, since the initial statement of requirements it is paid in the General order. Regardless of the type of court on procedural law gives the parties the right to agree on distribution of expenses on state duty in the settlement agreement. For example, the document can be assigned the duty of the defendant to pay the plaintiff half spent on duty amounts to develop other rules. After the approval of the court on such agreement, it becomes binding for the parties. If agreement is not reached, then subject to the General rules of distribution of expenses on state duty.

A duty upon approval of the settlement agreement in bankruptcy court

If the case was heard in the arbitration court and the parties agreed to its termination by a settlement agreement, the plaintiff can expect to return half of the fees paid. The only condition is that the approval of this agreement pending a decision on the case, because the rule on the return half of the paid amount does not apply in cases where the parties reach agreement at the stage of enforcement proceedings. To receive funds, the plaintiff must contact the tax office at the location of the court with the corresponding statement, to which is attached a judicial act and a document confirming the payment of certain amounts in fees.

A duty upon approval of the settlement agreement in the court of General jurisdiction

If the settlement agreement achieved in the proceedings among ordinary citizens in the world or the district court, the law requires the parties themselves to resolve the question of the allocation of costs in the text of this agreement. No special rules on the return of duty from the budget in this case does not apply, so the plaintiff may not appeal with the relevant requirement.

In other words, in the absence of conditions on the distribution of duties in the text of the agreement, the plaintiff will simply incur the cost of payment in a General manner. Hand in the text of the settlement agreement in this case often include the obligation of the defendant to pay the plaintiff half of the amount of the fee.
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