For a start, clearly define what the objectives should serve the established system, what it should do. The correct definition of a task will allow you to choose the most appropriate system and, in some cases, to save on costs. Given that reputable companies in the design and installation of such systems is performed by specialized firms, consider the easiest option – the choice of video surveillance system for a private household.
A good video surveillance system should protect your house from all sides, leaving no blind spot. At the same time, the number of installed cameras should be the minimum necessary, they should not duplicate each other. Video cameras installed along the perimeter of the household, should be fairly well marked – in this case their very existence would be to perform a protective function. Planning buying a camera, carefully plan their number and location.
Surveillance cameras are divided into internal and external. The latter must withstand high humidity and temperature variations, therefore, are more expensive than those that are installed in the premises. Most good cameras can operate even in complete darkness. Internal cameras can be installed covertly, the use of models with a very small lens.
An important part of the CCTV system is the DVR. In the simplest version of it the function takes on the usual computer that comes with cameras information is recorded on the hard disk. More expensive and complicated option involves the installation of a separate DVR's – it has multiple high capacity hard drives that are resistant to computer failures and outages.
In the most difficult cases, a video server – by connecting to the Internet the owner can review comes with cameras picture, being thousands of miles from home. A video server takes care of many other security problems: for example, it can connect line security and fire alarm systems. Functions of the video server, in a simplified form, can take an ordinary home computer.
Even the complete video surveillance system can not run without specialized software. In order to set the system to avoid problems with software compatibility, buy the whole set of equipment and software from one specialist company. In this case, you simplify the configuration process and will be able to count on warranty service.