In the men's lezginka dance is very different from the female a large number of movements, their greater boldness. Since dance history associated with the dances by warriors before a battle, it is not surprising that often this dance is performed by men. Distributed execution of dance as solely male or mixed team.
Mixed dancing (men and women) excluded physical contact between the partners. Male strongly demonstrates their prowess and power jumps and sharp movements. The woman in the movements are somewhat restricted, dancing more smoothly, based on the movement, the gracefulness and ease.
At the time of execution of the Lezgian it is important to monitor the posture. Both men and women it creates a proud and strict way of dance.
The emotional state of the dancer is based on both the posture and facial expression: while dancing you need to look exclusively in the partner's eyes, catching and picking up every movement (because you don't touch each other), and be sure to smile.
The hand movements can be smooth or sharp. There are six basic movements, each of which begins with the basic position. On your own you can vary the motion, to improvise, to invent something of their own.
Dance more comfortable in loose clothing that won't constrict movement. During training, it is recommended to drink still water, and before the dance not to eat anything fatty and high-calorie. Filled the stomach will not allow you to move fast enough.