Stretch marks usually appear as red scars. Which resemble large capillary mesh. Can be both flat and embossed. Over time, they become white. Stretch marks are both on the outer and on the inner side of the thigh. Many women say this problem. Begin to try different ways and methods to get rid of them or otherwise covered. These systems force the girls to abandon skirts and forced to appear on the beaches in closed bikinis, tie scarves to cover up problem areas. At the initial stage of their occurrence to get rid of them will be much easier. To identify hormonal problems should consult a endocrinologist. You should normalize the power to the body received more nutrients. It is not advisable to drastically lose weight, you need to do it gradually.
How to get rid of <strong>stretch</strong> <b>hip</b>
To get rid of stretch marks , you can use scrubs, which are easy to prepare at home. Usually they contain sugar, salt, ground coffee. It is also recommended to add in their composition of essential or vegetable oil, sour cream. The resulting mass is rubbed into the skin for ten minutes while taking a shower. Then rinse and be sure to grease the nourishing cream. Homemade scrubs are the most effective folk remedy for stretch marksif you use them several times a week.
How to get rid of <strong>stretch</strong> <b>hip</b>
You have the option to get rid of scars with the help of massage. Regular massage of problem areas using different oils is an excellent remedy for stretch marks. For this massage suitable orange oil, hazelnut oil, rosemary oil. All oils are enriched with vitamin E, it makes the skin supple and elastic. Massage must be done carefully, without strong pressure.
There are special creams against stretch marks, but they are capable of making stretch marks less noticeable, they are not completely removed. And finally, the most radical method – the intervention of doctors. If stretch marks have appeared recently, it makes sense to do a cosmetic skin resurfacing.