You will need
    • pan;
    • seeds;
    • salt to taste;
    • 100 ml of water.
Before you roast the seeds, rinse them well under cold running water. This must be done in order to remove surface dust and staining them with pigment.
Take a pan that you will roast the seeds, and heat. It is desirable to use a cast iron skillet, but if you do not have it - take that which you have in your kitchen Arsenal. Roast the seeds at this fire, the force which can be controlled - in this process to get a tasty product frying temperature will need to be changed.
Pour seeds on a well-heated pan, without diminishing the power of fire. Remember that you will need seeds to mix, so put it in the pan all the seeds at once, do it gradually - it will facilitate you the process. In the process of warming seeds, periodically stir your future treat and remove from the found damaged seeds, open the seeds of the nucleus or the remains of a sunflower, which sometimes can be present in raw seeds. For mixing of seeds is better to use a wooden spoon.
Salt the water to taste and then gently pour it into the pan with seeds, so they poparilis, acquired salty taste, and a bit swollen - these seeds then it will be easier to chew. Once the liquid has evaporated and the seeds will begin to POWERCIAT is typical, then began the process of their roasting, reduce the flame and begin to interfere with the seeds often so they don't burn.
To determine the readiness of seeds, pull a few pieces out of the pan, peel them and look at the color of their seeds - deep-fried seeds shade seed cream. Of course, you need to try them on taste. If seeds razreshayutsya well, have a nice salty taste and a creamy grain color, so the roasting process is complete!