How to roast peanuts without oilHow to fry peanuts without oil? For starters, raw grains must be placed in a clean frying pan and put on low fire. Should fry them, stirring occasionally, for ten to fifteen minutes. Ready the peanuts starts to brown and characteristically crackle.Roasted peanuts, it is recommended to pour in a paper bag and tightly close it. This will keep the taste and will not give dry beans.

How to roast salted peanuts

Salted nuts are eaten with beer. For a quick and tasty roast peanuts at home, you need to follow simple tips.Shelled peanuts should be placed in salt water for twenty minutes. On a well-heated pan, pre-greased with vegetable oil, place the brine extracted from the grain. But not all, and so that the capacity was only half-filled. Fry the contents to simmer until done, stirring continuously. Once the nuts are fried, you have to let them cool slightly and then eat.

How to cook peanuts in shell

Recipe unrefined peanut simple. Nuts in the shell roasted in the oven. But first you should know what kind of peanuts to buy and what we should pay attention.It is better to select fruits with a clean, integral with the shell without damage. Raw peanuts can shake: nuts, which is clearly audible, as - rolled, in shell, to become not worth it. Because the sound is characteristic of old, beginners to shrink grains.Before roasting, raw peanuts should iterate. Then place the fruit in a single layer on a baking sheet, flatten. In the hot oven supply capacity: cooking time 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees. When calculating the time, we must note that after removing from the oven peanuts for some time it will fry on the hot pan.In this way can be prepared and refined grains, reducing cooking time of seven to ten minutes.