When choosing a compressor please note its specifications. In the user of any pump shall contain performance data. For inflating car tires and SUV it will be enough 30-40L/min If you need to pump the tires for trucks or buses, select a compressor with a capacity of 45-55 l/min But keep in mind that these compressors are connected to the battery because it consume more power.
Another quantity required for a correct choice is pressure. In standard cases, it should be from 1.8 to 3 kg/cm2. Pay attention to the current consumption during operation of the compressor, how many minutes continuously, it can work.
Among the compressors there are two types: diaphragm and piston. The compressor is a piston type is preferable because the membrane may not work well at low temperatures.
Select a compressor with additional features. All pumpought to be built-in pressure gauge that monitors the tire pressure. Best if the gauge can measure the pressure, and not including the compressor.
In addition to the pumpm are nozzles for inflating Bicycle tyres, balls, rubber boats.
In the compressor can be integrated flashlight and alarm function. These models are very convenient: in the dark you can Shine on the wheel.
Before buying hold the compressor in his hands, he should not be heavy. Choose the compact size of the pump, which will not occupy much space in the trunk. And to carry the compressor with you need to constantly.
Among different modifications and designs will focus on black or grey compressor, preferably, if it is in the case. But the compressors in the form of plastic suitcases is not very convenient to use because of its bulkiness.