Eat seafood, shrimps and other seafood. Well raises the level of white blood cells and red caviar. Make the morning sandwich: butter, rye bread and red caviar. Wash down all this sweet black tea, suitable and green.
Alcoholic drinks also contribute to the elevation of leukocytes. But they need to be consumed in limited quantities. Drink a bottle of beer or a glass of red wine, but not anymore. It is better to drink alcohol in the evening, during dinner. Hard alcohol does not solve the problem.
Eat oatmeal, meat and salty bacon. Hercules can replace a decoction of oats. To do this, pour a Cup of oats 1.5 liters of water and boil to reduce the volume to 0.5 liters. Drink a litre of drink per day.
Eat grapes and pomegranates. Can drink fresh juice of these fruits, preferably homemade and not store-bought. Is not excessive and the use of other fruits: apples, bananas, peaches and pears.
Eat dairy and animal products. Diversify your diet of cereals and vegetables. Don't limit yourself in anything, diet during treatment may play against you. Of course, weight gain is inevitable, but body weight can be corrected after treatment.
But most often, all these methods do not help and only chance to raise white blood cells - the reception of potent drugs. So, if you offer to go to the hospital and support the body with drugs - do not give up.