You will need
  • - a common knitting needle or knitting needles for circular knitting or No. 3;
  • - yarn – 800-900g (colored or plain);
  • - a big needle for stitching details
To associate the veil with needles in several ways.
The first method:

For covers 1,5x2,1m link 35 squares of 30x30cm. The pattern for the squares you can choose the easiest, for example gum 1v1 or 2v2. Or knit 17 socks knitting squares, 18 squares - pattern "bumps". Can also tie all the squares of socks and knitting, but from multicolored yarn. Then get a bedspread with a fun checkerboard pattern.
To calculate the number of loops of tie trial sample, approximately 7х7см. Suppose that the number of loops per 1 cm is equal to two, then the square on the spokes it is necessary to collect 60 loops.
The resulting squares amperite iron without touching knits the sole of the iron, otherwise the convex pattern may be tapered. The squares are dry, lay them on a flat surface.

Stitch the squares to each other with a thick needle seam "over the edge".

To do this, lay out the squares in a sequence which depends on the chosen pattern and colors of yarn. If it's a square, rubber-banded 1x1, lay them in the direction of the figure by making a sequence of horizontal and vertical lines of the pattern. Squares of colored yarn spread out, focusing on the combination of colors.

Ssuite squares better on horizontal lines (product width). It will be seven bands, each consisting of five squares. Strips of the squares is also a stitch between. To connect squares use a contrast color to the main thread. For example, if the bedspread is white thread, it will look spectacular connecting seam red or dark blue thread.
The second method:

This method of knitting blankets is arbitrary, i.e., the size of the finished products will depend only on your desire.

The blanket is knitted from the middle.

This method wazne better to use circular knitting needles and yarn of several colors.

If you are knitting a specific pattern, e.g. pattern "spit", and opted for hosiery knitting on circular needles to dial an arbitrary number of loops in an amount of from 60 to 150. If you use in knitting a specific pattern, the number of loops to dial based on the schema of figure.
Type in the desired number of loops on the knitting needles and tie a square or rectangle of the desired size 30x30cm 40x60cm or. Associating the item, close the loop series. Loops must be closed each time after you bind the correct size strip.
Now, on the edge of a larger side of the part, if it is a rectangle, dial a loop thread of the same color, if you have a plain yarn, or thread of another color, if you have a yarn of several colors. Loop gain of the closed side (edge) of the loops at equal intervals stretch the extra loop to the product when knitting was not pulled together. Then knit the same pattern, or choose a different. In this case, when the set of loops not forget to take into account the number of them.
Continue to knit the blanket in such a way in a circle or do the stripes first with the wide sides, and then narrow.
The third method:

From multi-colored yarn socks knitting tie five strips with a width of 30-40cm and a length of about two meters. Tonal yarn these bands can be linked using different patterns for each of the bands.

Ready strip amperite iron and let them dry spread out on a flat surface. Cut the strips sew together.