You will need
  • - food for a romantic dinner;
  • - subscription to a fitness club.
Think about how you began your relationship. What you loved to do, what movies I watched where you went together. Perhaps you should go back through all of it. Turn on your favorite Comedy of your men, organize a date, cook his favorite dish. Such nostalgic memories it might have and the feelings that he had when I met you.
Decide for experimentation. This applies not only to bed, but to refresh your sex life any brave or just a new experiment is also a good way to fall in love with your partner and fall in love itself. Change not only my attitude to intimate relationships, but to your normal life. Add new colors. Remember that even a trip to a restaurant or movie theater will turn into a routine, if you constantly visit these places in leisure hours.
Follow their appearance. Sports, sign up for beauty treatments. The main advantage of men – beautiful woman by his side. Your partner will appreciate such efforts. Offer your half to do sports together. Such training will not only make you both more attractive, but will bring you closer together.
Talk to your man. The problem with many couples is that they are silent about their discontent, accumulating it to a large scandal, after which make up is quite difficult. Do not hold in my feelings. Perhaps your partner is just waiting when you open your soul to him. Close friends therefore are close enough that we can share with each other the most intimate.
Talk to your loved ones. It may be that your concern for his feelings is easily explained by his fatigue or concentration on responsible working time. Don't be afraid to talk to your spouse will only be grateful to this, because in this case the man does not have to speculate why you are once again in a bad mood.