Types of gravel-sand mixture

Gravel-sand mixture is a non-metallic material, which is mined in quarries and at the bottom of ponds. Gravel and sand in this mixture are in equal proportions. It is possible to allocate natural and enriched gravel-sand mixture.

Rich mixture should be familiar to any experienced developer, because it is used mostly in construction works. But natural mixtures are often used for the construction of roads, playgrounds, rammer under the front of the garage. The main advantage of the natural mixture is the presence of multiple standards. For example, gravel can be applied in five fractions. The composition is enriched mixtures are always present mineral compound that increase its technical parameters and cost. It turns out that the natural compound is much more economical.

Depending on the formation conditions of gravel-sand mixture are divided into lake and river, sea and mountain-gully. In the composition of riverine mixture of grain present more rounded forms, and the specifics of the grit from her uniform. However, it is often heavily contaminated with organic impurities.

With regard to marine gravel-sand mixtures, they are characterized by krugoobraznymi grains and the presence of fine-grained fractions. Well, in a mountain-ravine mixes are always remnants of the parent rocks. They are distinguished by the angular form of grains of different size.

Properties of sand-gravel mixtures

Gravel-sand mixture is an environmentally friendly material. Also, it is durable and resistant to negative temperatures. The use of large fractions of crushed stone allows to achieve similar performance. By the way, depending on the scope of use the contents of gravel and sand may change.

Sand and gravel are durable and perfectly retain their properties during long periods of storage. Even after a very long time, this material can be used safely, as to his qualities, he eventually loses. About the need for removal of residues after the completion of major construction works can not even think. When you add mixture in concrete to improve its characteristics.

Another advantage of the gravel-sand mixture is its low cost. That is why it is necessary in any construction work.