Instructions for use of "Mastodinon"

"Mastodinon" is available in two forms: in tablets and in the form of alcohol solution. It is composed of substances of natural origin: it is extract prutnyaka, Alpine violets, tiger lilies, tablelist cohosh, gradeshnica bitter, iris colored. "Mastodinon" reduces the production of the hormone prolactin, excess of normal concentrations of which leads to pathological processes in tissues of the breast and other violations. The drug is used to prevent the occurrence of fibrocystic breast disease. It is prescribed also in the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome, accompanied by breast tenderness, edema, headache, constipation, increased nervousness; the menstrual disorders and infertility, menstrual disorders, in the treatment of infertility caused by dysfunction of the corpus luteum.

"Mastodinon" prescribed thirty drops in a little water, or one tablet twice a day (morning and evening). Optimal reception "Mastodinon" twenty minutes before a meal or forty minutes after a meal. The preparation should be at least 3 months. Usually the first signs of improvement appear after six weeks. With regular drug good effect of treatment appears after 6 months.
If symptoms return after discontinuation of the drug, the need to continue treatment.

Contraindications, side effects "Mastodinon"

Medical contraindications to the appointment of "Mastodinon" is pregnancy and individual intolerance of the drug components. In the period of breast-feeding "Mastodinon" leads to decreased production of breast milk. "Mastodinon" is not prescribed for malignant tumors of the breast, do not use in children under 12 years. While taking the drug may experience an allergic reaction, headache, abdominal pain, nausea, can appear acne, slight weight gain. Cases of overdose have not been identified. While receiving "Mastodinon" and drugs-dopamine antagonists may decrease the effectiveness of this drug.
Drinking alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the "Mastodinon".
"Mastodinon" stored at room temperature in a dark place. During prolonged storage alcohol solution "Mastodinon" can become cloudy, possible precipitation in the form of flakes, but this does not affect the properties of the drug. Open a bottle of solution is kept for six months. Learn more about "Mastodinon" can be read in the annotation to the drug.