Sneakers can be of different quality. Some can be subjected to washing. If after a rain sneakers wet or dirty, they can be wash in machine or by hands to remove all the dirt. But only drying in the washing machine contraindications, this feature must be disable because the material may dry unevenly, which will lead to damage of a material.
Before you dry the shoes, remove the insole. It can be done not in every running shoes if the insole is separate, then remove it and put it on the battery. Material of insole is not afraid of differences of temperatures, does not warp from heat. And if necessary, can be replaced.
Themselves better running shoes to dry in room temperature, where there is good ventilation. Would be perfect for that balcony. In this sneakers, you need to fully unlace the laces to dry separately. You can also use a special dryer: this is a special mount on the wall, on which hung the shoes soles up. Thus it is better ventilated.
For drying the shoes now sell a dedicated device. They work from the AC outlet. Each sneaker inserts special equipment, which heats up, which makes it easy to evaporate the moisture. Sometimes these devices have a disinfecting effect, and is suitable for those who have sweaty feet. Regular usage of such cars are not only dry, but will remove the unpleasant smell of shoes.
The easiest way to dry shoes is to stuff them with paper. It is best to use toilet paper or newspaper. They will absorb excess water. Firmly tamp each Shoe and leave for 2-3 hours at room temperature, then remove the paper and tamp again and again wait for 2 hours. After that the shoes will be completely dry.
If the shoes need to dry in the field, will need a fire. Find small pebbles, place them in the fire to heat them. Then put them in the boot. The action will be similar to the dryer, only without electricity. However, when placing stones from the fire into the shoes, it can get dirty. So wrap the stones with a cloth or paper. Usually for full drying it is necessary to lay the cobblestones a few times.