Port Aventura is located in Salou, province of Tarragona, in Catalonia. Accordingly, in order to reach it, it's nice to stay somewhere nearby. For this purpose perfectly suited Salou, La Pineda, Cambrils, Tarragona, Reus or in the extreme case of Barcelona.
If you are lucky and you stay in the tourist town of Salou, to get to Port Aventura on foot or on a special blue tram, like a toy. He drives in a circle, so what stop you would not have got sooner or later you will still go to the amusement Park. It takes you from 10 to 25 minutes.
Except this option you can get from Salou on foot. Unfortunately, the road to Port Aventura, though not very long, but it's pretty deserted and not very interesting. If you like to walk in the sun and admire the thickets of Mediterranean trees and shrubs - this option is for you.
If you live in Reus, Tarragona or La Pineda to first you need to get to Salou. The easiest way to get on the municipal bus company of the Plan (Bus Plana).
If your place of residence you have chosen Barcelona, go to the Sants station or Passeig del Gracia. From there a direct train connection directly to Port Aventura. Duration of journey will take about an hour and will cost you around 15 euros per person. In addition, the trains to Park and walk from Cambrils, Lleida and Tortosa.
Also from Barcelona to Port Aventura can be reached by buses of the Plan. Find their stay in Barcelona is not always easy, so it is easiest to take the bus in Plaza Catalunya is the starting point for intercity buses heading towards Salou and Tarragona.
Also from any point of the Costa Dorada, to Port Aventura can be reached by taxi. Spanish taxi drivers operate strictly according to the meter. If you drive from Salou will cost approximately 10-15 euros from Barcelona, the trip will cost about 200 euros.