Your way lies to the metro station, Farragut West. From her guide down the embankment. Reaching the place where the ruins are located to the left of the broken trucks pass over them. You will see a small camp, which captured a super mutant master, resting in the tent. In addition to his tent is a prisoner for whose release you will get a plus 1 karma. Search the tent with the trucks if you want to get hold of ammunition and medical supplies.
Reaching the end of the promenade, turn left on the street. On the right you hand you will see the house in which he lives of Dukov. You can take an optional quest if you talk to a girl Cherry. In order to convince her to follow you, you need to have enough skill level to "Eloquence".
The road to purpose one, so get lost you just can't even if we wanted to. On the way you will meet a few roadblocks, one of which is occupied by raiders, and the second by the super mutants.
Once on the ground rivet city, use the intercom system mounted on the pole. After a short conversation will extend the ladder, passing through which you will find yourself right at the entrance to the city. You at the entrance guard to stop Harkness. Talk to him and find out where are located the laboratory of Dr. Lee. There you need to go. Can also ask the guard about the location of the remaining locations.
To your left is a door go in it. Once in the room, again go through the left door. Go down the corridor, without turning to the second intersection. Here turn right. Next, go again to the second intersection, then turn left. Go straight to the end, enter the door you find yourself in the laboratory of Dr. Lee.
Talk to her to find out where to send your father and what kind of project is "Clean". Here is Dr. zipper, which can take an extra job. It is the search for the missing Android. Done this quest in two ways – you'll decide for yourself which to choose. In addition, in the laboratory you will be able to find the custodian of Washington, who will ask you to get him the Declaration of independence of the United States.