Alcohol opens the dark side of human nature: anger, aggression, hatred. Spending money on booze, and sometimes taking away from the family's last money the person spends on drink not only his soul but also the souls of their loved ones. A woman living with her husband-an alcoholic, determines for itself the causes of existence with him. One keeps the hopelessness, others pity, others dream to fix her husband, the fourth trying to keep the family together because of children.
Family where the main breadwinner and the breadwinner is an alcoholic, becomes dependent on his blackouts. The husband begins to drink, the wife develops depression, children experience stress. Therefore, alcoholism can be called a family illness.
Some wives of alcoholics firmly believe that they can remedy the situation in the family. But experience shows that people are not able to change under duress. It can change only if he comes to such a request. And enhanced control over the behavior of the alcoholic, the constant flick it away and the people can only aggravate the situation. After all, the drinker is sure that he is addicted to alcohol, because she wants to, but when they don't want to stop drinking.
How to live with her husband-an alcoholic? First, you shouldn't blame yourself for the illness. More humor - less self-flagellation, otherwise you can get bogged down in depression. You should not control every step of her husband and nursing him like a baby. That he will not stop drinking.
Do not provoke conflicts if in a drunken state, your husband is aggressive. Do not jump on him with his fists, perhaps more effective will be a cold indifference. Do not indulge the husband, if he has a severe hangover. Your only help may be only a bottle of mineral water and the aspirin.
Any attention to her husband show when he's sober. Try to organize your free time and invite him to the movies or to a football match. He feels happy, sober, drunk is better not to respond. You can set the penalties - he's drinking today, you today do not cook and do not erase.
If the husband has a demanding job, give him the opportunity to fully relax at home, even from household duties. If, on the contrary, he is pursued career setbacks, maintain it, assure that it is best that you are nowhere without it. Let the house he will be indispensable to you.
A great lesson will be for the alcoholic screening of videos recorded during his drunken antics. Save it and threaten to send to all friends and family, if this happens again. Perhaps this method would work in your family.
Do not call my husband an alcoholic, especially in public. You can privately talk to him about what he really has a problem is prolonged stress, which he suppresses with alcohol. It is possible to gently advise him on the phone a great psychologist, omitting the specialization of the psychiatrist.