Advice 1: How to choose a puppy Alabai

Buying a puppy is a great responsibility. Though, because you choose the dog, or rather a true friend, a trusted bodyguard and incorruptible watchman, at least 10 years. One of the rocks successfully combines all these qualities - the Central Asian shepherd dog or Alabai.
How to choose a puppy Alabai
Visit several major exhibitions and select the future parents of the puppy. Agree with their masters on the binding, separately, to discuss the terms of future purchase. For breeding dogs you must have a solid pedigree, confirmed to the clubs official breeders in Russia and abroad.
If you need a dog for protection, choose a puppy from manufacturers who have diplomas, "CS" ("guard duty"). Watchdogs choose no less carefully than tribal. They need to be balanced, obedient to the master, not to have hereditary diseases and congenital malformations. So choose a dog in the kennel whose puppies"graduates" have already proven themselves as reliable guards.
Think about what gender is your animal. If you liked the dog, be prepared for the fact that training it will give in only when will take you by the owner. Preferably, alabay, the boy was not the first menacing dog in your family. These dogs immediately realize who is in front of them: an experienced breeder or a weak beginner.
If you have children, get bitch. First, it is more flexible, easier to contact with the taming, loves and protects children. At the same time Alabai-girl looks no less intimidating than the male, although smaller than its size. And guarding qualities of a female in what he will not yield.
First ask the parents of the puppy. Bitch usually lives in a kennel, the dog may be nonresident. In any case, the nature and characteristics of the psyche puppy inherits from his mother and from his father he gets the physical parameters, which can be found in absentia, having studied them form the manufacturer.
Buy a puppy no earlier than 1.5 months after birth, when he had taken the first course of vaccinations. Be sure to pay attention on the health and mobility of the puppy, check out his leadership qualities, leaving, for example, a bunch of keys and putting near a plate of food. Albaicin, who will not feel fear when approaching the plate, to be subsequently fearless watchdog.
Pay attention to the exterior puppy. If he has too long hair, it is likely that it is a cross between the Central Asian shepherd and Caucasian shepherd. The head of purebred Alabai usually teardrop shaped with smooth transition from muzzle to neck, lower jaw massive, scissor bite. Note the width of the chest of the baby and the front paws, between which should be able to slide the palm of an adult. Croup should be broad and massive. The tail should be raised up.
Do not buy Alabai in the markets or on Craigslist. A puppy from imaginary manufacturers that you will purchase from unknown breeders may be an ordinary pooch, whose real pedigree alabais, perhaps not even close.

Advice 2 : What character from Alabai

Alabama call dogs one of the oldest aboriginal breeds, formed on the territory of Central Asia. In the days of the Soviet Union, enthusiasts and dog handlers started to bring to Moscow and other major cities of the animals, who later became the founders of the Central Asian shepherd.
What character from Alabai

Who are alabais: the history of the breed

Alabai has long been very popular among many peoples of Central Asia. Usually these dogs are used to guard and patrol services. Representatives of this breed belong to the so-called molossus. According to experts, alabais were formed as a result of national selection, which took more than 4 thousand years. It should be noted that there are several rock "foci", which is associated with several types. Basically, alabais different types differ from each other on the exterior, retaining, however, the General properties of the temperament, behavior and psyche.
On the territory of Kazakhstan alabais called "Tobet", they have long been helping the shepherds, guarding sheep flocks.

Currently alabais distributed on a fairly large territory - from the Caspian sea to China and from the Urals to Afghanistan. According to cynologists, dogs of this breed combines the traits of several ancestors in their veins flows the blood of ancient Tibetan dogs, fighting dogs of Mesopotamia, as well as four-legged shepherds, which were bred at different times of nomads. Among the most famous relatives alabais are the dogs breed Mongolian shepherd dog and the Tibetan Mastiff.

Character and working qualities Alabai

Since ancient times, these dogs were valued for their working qualities - they are protected animals and accompanied the caravans as well as protected dwelling owners. As a result of harsh natural selection (alabais, as a rule, lived in a few units one master), harsh living conditions and against a variety of predators, dogs have gradually formed a modern appearance and character. Now breeders alabais characterize their Pets as intelligent, strong and fearless animals.

However, training alabais is associated with a number of difficulties. Classes should start from an early age, making sure that the dog understands the hierarchy in the family, that is believed to be his master. It should be noted that in Soviet times, the canine was not able in sufficient quantity to promote Central Asian shepherd dogs, which was initially used to protect goobject. However, the process of training alabais was under force far not to each dog owner, even with experience.
In Turkmenistan alabais thoroughbred as the Akhal-Teke breed, considered a treasure of the nation - these animals are prohibited from export outside the country.

According to breeders alabais, dogs of this breed are rather aged, they show aggression only after there is a clear threat to the object of protection - be it a flock of sheep, the owner and members of his family, or the area where the "bears service" animal.

Advice 3 : How to keep a dog of Alabai breed

Alabais are now considered the most common species that give birth to protect the house. Sometimes the dog does not need to teach guard, she already knows. The maintenance and care of Alabama no different from other dogs.
How to keep a dog of Alabai breed
Dog breed Alabai or the Central Asian Ovcharka is one of the most famous rocks that have appeared over four decades ago. Since almost the entire territory of Central Asia, the breed was very popular, one can often hear alabais are called "Turkmen wolfhound".

Caring for a dog

Alabais have a strong and strong-willed character traits, such as courage, endurance, fighting skills, self-confidence. Along with these qualities Alabai, they are characterized by calmness, equanimity, unconditional love to the owners.

Experienced breeders recognize that the Central Asian shepherd is one of the most smart and intelligent dogs. Despite this, alabais require training from a very early age.

Alabais most comfortable feel in the open space, but easily get used to living in a private home, what can be said about the apartments. In a small enclosed space, dogs of this breed feel uncomfortable, thereby affecting their nature. Owners alabais living in the apartment, have to walk them as often as possible and in any weather.

Having enough area in the yard, the dog can build a large aviary with a box and a sun canopy. Despite this, walk alabais should regularly be given the opportunity to stretch their legs and run.

Wool alabais does not require particularly careful daily care. In the spring during heavy shedding it is necessary to comb the dog with a special comb. Alabais ears should be cleaned regularly and kept clean. Do not forget about the claws alabais, which should be promptly cut off.

Health and feeding the dog

Alabais are a healthy and rarely get sick. Despite this, there is a risk of dysplasia, this food of the dogs of this breed should be given special attention.

Setting the stage for Alabai, you should immediately determine the method of feeding. In any case we should not mix natural food with dry food for dogs. A diet consisting of natural food should include such foods as lean meats, various types of cereals, vegetables and sea fish.

Sometimes food can include offal and bones from the diet should be avoided. Alabam, usually enough two-a-day feeding. And don't forget about drinking water.

The main disadvantages of this kind of dog is considered a great strength and protective instinct, so you should engage in active training and learn to understand and feel pet. And most importantly – love your dog and she will always answer you in return.

Advice 4 : How should looks the puppy Alabai

Homeland Alabai is Central Asia. This breed is known from ancient times in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan. These dogs are guards, and guard the property of man, their territory, and are used to guard flocks of sheep.
Puppy Alabai.
This breed, like Alabai, actually no, it's a title that was once received by dog Central Asian shepherd dog in Turkmenistan in dog fights. These dogs were later crossed with other breeds, mastiffs, Rottweilers, because people wanted to make a fighting dog. Then began to appear alabais, which is a lot written and said.

These dogs Central Asian shepherd dog at withers up to 70 – 75 cm, bitches 60 to 65. They weigh an average of 80 pounds. But these dogs are compact, wiry, have good endurance and ruggedness. In Central Asia their shepherds do not feed, and the predator dog will get, they eat.
Now in Vogue white alabais, at least, many are buying such puppies, but it's not really their color. Almost all the white alabais withdrawn by artificial means. Color, which is characteristic of the Central Asian shepherd dog is a black, grey, brown, fawn. Also red, piebald, brindle, or speckled. The possible combinations of white and brown, white and black and other colors.

The head of the puppy Alabai massive, broad, it has a flat forehead. Go to the snout from the forehead is not expressed much. The nose is large, usually black or brown. Eyes, usually dark, round, separated from each other far away. Small ears, low set, characterized triangular shape. They are usually cropped.

The body of the dog powerful, the neck short, the chest is broad and deep. Back straight, broad and strong. The stomach of the animal slightly picked up, the croup is wide and muscular. Strong legs, the backbone is very powerful, oval and compact. The dog's tail is usually docked, animals keep it low. The coat is rough, straight and hard. There is a thick undercoat.
When choosing a dog it is necessary to look not primarily at the puppy and its parents as adequate dog. You should pay attention to their working qualities. Were they really working, or sitting in a cage, and are the only exhibition dogs.

Real alabais - bold and decisive. They are comfortable with the people, not attacking the person. If on-site, which protects Alabai, will appear a stranger, the animal will not throw and bite man, it's just him cornered and will have to wait until the owner. If the thief runs away, Alabai will not haunt him.
Those big dogs that sell many breeders die early, they are prone to diseases of the joints. The dog itself is powerful, but her legs cannot withstand the weight of your own body. A keep vitamins, therefore, it is not a completely natural dog.

Very many years many breeders in the Ukraine and Russia spoiled the breed. In Chelyabinsk, for example, tied bitch Alabai with the South African Bourboule. You can imagine what happened to the puppies. From alabais that have been bred by man, constant problems with the feet, they have dysplasia and other defects.
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