Visit several major exhibitions and select the future parents of the puppy. Agree with their masters on the binding, separately, to discuss the terms of future purchase. For breeding dogs you must have a solid pedigree, confirmed to the clubs official breeders in Russia and abroad.
алабай кормление
If you need a dog for protection, choose a puppy from manufacturers who have diplomas, "CS" ("guard duty"). Watchdogs choose no less carefully than tribal. They need to be balanced, obedient to the master, not to have hereditary diseases and congenital malformations. So choose a dog in the kennel whose puppies"graduates" have already proven themselves as reliable guards.
имена для собак алабаев
Think about what gender is your animal. If you liked the dog, be prepared for the fact that training it will give in only when will take you by the owner. Preferably, alabay, the boy was not the first menacing dog in your family. These dogs immediately realize who is in front of them: an experienced breeder or a weak beginner.
If you have children, get bitch. First, it is more flexible, easier to contact with the taming, loves and protects children. At the same time Alabai-girl looks no less intimidating than the male, although smaller than its size. And guarding qualities of a female in what he will not yield.
как выбрать себе собаку
First ask the parents of the puppy. Bitch usually lives in a kennel, the dog may be nonresident. In any case, the nature and characteristics of the psyche puppy inherits from his mother and from his father he gets the physical parameters, which can be found in absentia, having studied them form the manufacturer.
как выбрать сторожевую собаку
Buy a puppy no earlier than 1.5 months after birth, when he had taken the first course of vaccinations. Be sure to pay attention on the health and mobility of the puppy, check out his leadership qualities, leaving, for example, a bunch of keys and putting near a plate of food. Albaicin, who will not feel fear when approaching the plate, to be subsequently fearless watchdog.
Pay attention to the exterior puppy. If he has too long hair, it is likely that it is a cross between the Central Asian shepherd and Caucasian shepherd. The head of purebred Alabai usually teardrop shaped with smooth transition from muzzle to neck, lower jaw massive, scissor bite. Note the width of the chest of the baby and the front paws, between which should be able to slide the palm of an adult. Croup should be broad and massive. The tail should be raised up.
Do not buy Alabai in the markets or on Craigslist. A puppy from imaginary manufacturers that you will purchase from unknown breeders may be an ordinary pooch, whose real pedigree alabais, perhaps not even close.