You will need
  • Software:
  • - ABBYY PDF Transformer;
  • - Convert Doc to PDF For Word.
Almost any text and graphic file can be converted to a pdf document, it is necessary to use a special program. Of the most famous programs, you can consult a professional Adobe Acrobat. The only drawback of this program is the high price of the product if you do not plan to work professionally in the area of creating pdf documents from this program should be abandoned.
If you need a simple to use program, you can try the product ABBYY PDF Transformer. This utility allows you to convert to pdf almost any document. In its main features include two-way conversion of documents to pdf and Vice versa.
To work with this program, you will need to install a software package Microsoft Office, ABBYY PDF Transformer integrates its toolbar in MS Word. Conversion in this program is quite simple: highlight the text in the document you want to convert to pdf and click "Create PDF" or "Convert PDF" toolbar of MS Word.
Among other programs-converters it is possible to allocate a utility called " Convert Doc to PDF For Word. The principle of this program is the same as that of ABBYY PDF Transformer (it implements its own toolbar in MS Word). A clear advantage of this application is a free download utility to convert documents to PDF format. But this program has its drawbacks: it can be run only 30 times, like many other programs that are not free.
It is worth noting that at the time Microsoft released as updates to the Microsoft Office program for converting doc files and xls to pdf. Information on the output of this program caused a lot of noise around Microsoft, because Adobe didn't like it. In the end, this program was completely eliminated from Microsoft, but the company's official website you can download a plugin that supports saving documents in the format pdf.