Hospitality Czech Republic. There you can not only wander the cozy Prague, but to go on a tour of local castles, where tourists tried to save the life of the past centuries. Also worth visiting in carlsbad and small, as if released from a fairy tale, ends. And of course, in the Czech Republic to try delicious beer and eating his huge portions of local dishes.
From Czech Republic by train, bus or rented car to go to Austria. It only takes about 3 hours. In this country are the world's best classical music festivals and ballet, it is famous for its ski and health resorts, magnificent architecture, coffee shops, nice and cozy small towns.
In Germany, almost every city has historical monuments and interesting sights. Wherever you go, be it Berlin, Cologne, Hanover or Bremen, you can always discover something new and interesting. But if you visit this country in October, be sure to try to get to a beer festival in Bavaria – Oktoberfest, where you can try a variety of amazingly delicious beer.
France should be given a few days extraordinary to Paris to wander around the local streets, go to the well-known Louvre Museum, visit a Cabaret, Versailles, and other local attractions. And then you can drive through small French towns, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with local village life, try the wonderful wines created by French winemakers, learn about the production of spirits or cheese.
In any weather it will be interesting to holiday in Italy, here you can stay in any one city, or to travel across the country. Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence – each of them interesting and unique. Always waiting for its guests and Sunny Spain, where Barcelona can conquer at first sight. Extraordinarily beautiful and special in their own way Portugal, offering more information on the history of European Freemasonry.
In summer you can go swimming and sunbathing in the South of France, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria and famous for its wildlife Montenegro. A wonderful beach vacation offers also Greece and Portugal. Swim there from late may to late September, depending on the vagaries of the weather.