Prepare for sex in advance. Arrange a light romantic dinner or just talk "heart to heart". If desired, drink a glass of wine to relax. But do not overdo it with alcohol, or in bed, nothing could be obtained. Turn on slow music, close the curtains, prepare and spread the bed. If you wish, light a candle or turn on soft lighting.
Sex start with mutual caresses. This will allow both partners to prepare for intimacy: the man appears erection, genitals women will start to secrete lubricant. A couple as a foreplay dance, gradually undressing each other. Kiss, caress each other, trying to get pleasure from this process. Do not rush to go directly to the sexual act – the longer the time will last the foreplay, the more pleasure can get the woman.
Take classic or this for sex. The classic pose (man on top) is the most common and most convenient for many women and men. A man can Express all its activity, the authority over the woman. Active women who love to control their feelings, use the pose "woman on top". Pose "face to face" very suitable for loving couples, because it gives a sense of unity with each other. Posture while sitting is uncomfortable, but is often chosen by lovers of exquisite and refined intimacy. On standing choose in cases when the man is strong enough, but the taller woman. Also sex standing up is suitable for making love in the shower, as well as in cases of quick sex without serious intentions.
Having sex, don't be afraid to experiment and to show imagination. This will allow intimate relationships to develop harmoniously, avoiding monotony and uniformity. Discuss with each other sexual contacts, feel free to talk about what they like in sex and what isn't. Try to get rid of excessive shyness and complexes. They interfere with the intimate life become bright and rich. Have sex more often engaged in the morning and evening, to achieve mutual satisfaction.
Don't be fooled by the partner in sex. Do not feign an orgasm. Sooner or later the deception will be exposed and this will lead to awkward, uncomfortable, and often to conflict. Quality sex needs to be long to both the man and the woman had time to reach orgasm, not once. On the other hand, long intercourse is very exhausting both partners. According to statistics, 10-15 minutes is enough. 30 minutes is a long time. Many couples, knowing how to meet a partner, settle for 5-7 minute acts.