Many users have heard a lot about it, but I don't know about how it works. For some the process of buying or selling at auction seems long. But in fact, selling on eBay is easy. Moreover, this process is somewhat addictive.

  1. If there is a desire to participate in the work, you must register as a participant. The registration procedure is paid only 30 cents. These funny money your item on eBay, will see millions of potential buyers.

  2. In order to sell products, you need to specify at registration a valid credit card. It is necessary to identify you, and the auction will sure that your age is more than 18 years of age and, logically, will be more seriously as participants in and products. After registration, you can begin the formation of proposals for the sale of their goods.

  3. To sell on E-Bay properly and successfully, you first need to find similar products for sale by other sellers. View, described as similar goods from other kinds of photos are uploaded, what is not told by seller out of ignorance or in order to hide anything about the product. Remember, it's about attractive and strong sides of the product to tell.

  4. To begin the sale procedure, you must activate the Sell button on top of any page of the eBay auction. The page will load Sell Your Item (selling your products). Her need to complete sections on the subject of sales — title of goods and their description. Then you need to define the minimum rate step auction in the presence of demand-side bidders. Don't be lazy and specify additional information about the product, as well as place photos of the goods. One photo of product service eBay Picture taken for posting on the website free of charge. Additional photos for the same item cost 15 cents each. Specify the time within which the goods will be for sale.

  5. In the section Shipping & Payment Terms (terms of shipment and payment), you need to specify the acceptable method of payment, address for payment, and the address of shipment. In addition, you need to complete the column on the shipping cost, and the need to write instructions for shipment of the goods. Check the entered information and confirm that everything is filled in correctly. From this moment your merchandise for sale.

  6. When the auction ends, it results in your e-mail letter will be sent which will specify the winner and the delivery address. When you receive a notice that funds for the goods transferred to your account you need to send the goods to the buyer at the specified address. Depending on the chosen method of receiving money (Bank transfer or cheque), the buyer sends money to the address specified during registration. Wait until the cheque has cleared and send the buyer the goods.

  7. If the buyer paid for the purchase with a credit card, for security purposes, the funds will go first to the eBay account, which will be sent to your e-mail payment notification. After the buyer receives the purchased goods, the system, eBay will transfer funds to your credit card.