Global marketplace of Ebay in order to care about their users accept for transactions only funds transferred by the payment system PayPal. No other, unfortunately, it is not provided. This means that you can pay for orders via Webmoney, "Yandex-Money" or in any other way is impossible.

PayPal and its benefits

PayPal is a global electronic way to make purchases on many sites. She has a high degree of protection against tampering, which makes it even and most secure of all existing. For comparison, the Webmoney were exposed to fraudsters ' attacks several hundred times more often than PayPal.

The registration system does not take much time. Enough to fill all the required fields to connect your Bank debit card to the account and to make our first trial payment. For example, to order from the seller on Ebay some cheap thing. Payments are processed instantly. During its existence, PayPal has never collapses. That is, the system is stable all the time. In addition, they have a powerful system of protection offered and the insurance service payment. That is, for example, the same Ebay seller will deceive you, you will get insurance for their funds transferred to the swindler.

Transfer Webmoney to PayPal

If you need to transfer funds from your wallet into your PayPal account to pay for purchases on Ebay, you can use two ways. The first is to transfer funds from Webmoney purse on the attached map. That is, the first print WMR on your debit card then pay through PayPal on Ebay. The second – directly from the account of one payment system to another through the exchanger. There will have to pay some Commission, which sets the exchange item. When will the funds be credited to the PayPal account, they can pay for purchases on Ebay.

To negotiate with the seller on Ebay

Sellers offering products on the marketplace Ebay, in most cases, friendly and sociable people. They can agree to use a different payment method, to bypass the rules of Ebay. But in this case, your order will not be insured marketplace. That is, you buy the goods directly without an intermediary in the Ebay website. This means that nobody will insure against fraud. You can transfer to the seller money, and he doesn't send. Or, for example, come wrong or damaged goods. All these risks you take by agreeing to pay to bypass the rules of the marketplace.