Advice 1: How to remove ebay account

The Russians began to actively use foreign online auctions, and perhaps the most popular of them is American Ebay. Some logged as individuals and occasionally make a purchase, others do business. And those and others there are situations when account you want to delete.
How to remove ebay account
Remove any existing account funds, use the money bonuses and coupons. Your account at the time of closure of the account should be empty.
Check whether you have active or open sales lots. Not if you ordered the previous week's goods or services, whether all suppliers produced a settlement.
On the page send a request to close your personal page, you need to agree to terms and choose one of the options: delete permanently or temporarily block the page.
Removal is formal, it means that your data will be stored in the system. If you decide to register again, you will need to make a new email ID.
For those who registered on the auction as entrepreneur (status "shop", "Commerce", etc.) may require a written notice to the company. Request for such action usually comes from the administration site on your registered email address. The letter will need to specify your full details, details of the account that should be deleted, sometimes the information about the last performed deal (you can see in the "dashboard"), as well as removal request. The document must be notarized. Naturally, in such situations, the Russians have some difficulties, in particular, the Americans refuse to accept the letters attested irrelevant to us law requirements, so many people simply "throw" accounts — it's cheaper than to legalize emails.
Your removal request will be processed within 2-3 days. If the company does not have to claim you, the account will be formally deleted.

Advice 2: How to order from ebay

Ebay is an online auction that has won extraordinary worldwide popularity. However, this is understandable, because you can buy a variety of products much cheaper than in online stores or the usual outlets.
How to order from ebay

In order to order from ebay, you must first register.

  1. Log on to the website or The registration process is absolutely identical, however, in the latter case, you will see the text in Russian that will be more convenient for those who are not fluent in English.

  2. Enter the name and mailing address: (street, city, country and postcode. All these data will be needed in the future for the delivery of purchased auction items.

  3. Enter the phone number and email address. The email address will need to be duplicated in order to eliminate the possibility of error. This information will also be necessary to contact you regarding delivery.

  4. In the next block, you must specify an identifier that will allow ebay to distinguish you from other users and specify a password. Date of birth and secret question will be required in case the password is forgotten or stolen.

  5. The last block will need to enter a code proving that you are a living person and not a script to check and confirm agreement with the user agreement, privacy policy, and more questions. This is necessary in order to order from ebay.

  6. To complete registration please check the Inbox. There will be an email with a link that activates the account.

  7. Find lot, make a bid, win the auction.

  8. Pay for the goods. All you can wait for the parcel.

Advice 3: How to delete steam account

Steam is a special service which exists for the acquisition of licenses to computer games. It works on the basis of the use of accounts of participants of the system, to remove which, if necessary, is not easy.
How to delete steam account
You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Change the Inbox on your account of Steam if necessary. Discard all subscriptions that do not go under your account for a long time, then perhaps the administration will see fit to terminate your account, in connection with his inactivity.
To remove it you can't, this item is not provided with a control panel in communication with the security policy, as often accounts are hacked. Change the mailbox attached to your account, it is recommended to cancel mailings in the future you can make another account if the need arises.
Refer to the administration service Steam to block your account. Account moderators and administrators of the system are marked with special colors, so you are unable to confuse them with other users. Anyway, in any case do not tell anyone your login information in the Steam account, even to employees of the service, as it contradicts the rules of the resource.
Please note that the rules of Steam provided by the impossibility of sale of the account or transfer it to another person. It cannot be used in conjunction with other members, for violation of the rules provided for special measures. For these reasons, just leave the account unchanged and do not use it for a long time.
Also try to remove from your account all the data that you used to work with him, the same applies to the case when you paid for software online. When you lock the Steam account, you cannot re-use the same mailbox for the registration of a second account, so unnecessary account it is recommended to re-create the e-mail separately.
Useful advice
Just use the rejection of the subscriptions.

Advice 4: How to use ebay

Ebay - international online auction is very popular among residents of all countries. His fame is due to the cheapness of the goods that are resold in Russia intermediaries with a huge margin. If not lazy, you can buy goods on Ebay on their own.
How to use ebay
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a plastic card of international format, a virtual card qiwi and paypal;
  • - knowledge of English or ability to use online translator.
Order from ebay almost everything. The site has sections "Technology", "health & Beauty", "Clothing", "Objects of design and interior", "Sport" etc. the Initial stage of the website is registration. The minimum age for participation in the auction of 18 years. When registering, you will have to specify the e-mail, mobile number, address (in international format) and to accept the terms of cooperation with ebay. Once you register, you will be faced with the fact that some sellers do not deliver goods to Russia. Do not be sad: the same product can be found from another seller, but with the possibility of delivery. It can be both paid and free. Most cheap goods are sent for free from China, Korea, or Singapore - in these countries the airmail shipping costs mere pennies, so many sellers can easily lure buyers in such a bonus.
To use the services of intermediaries today makes no sense. Had some problems with payment and transfer information about the product. Today, the translated text can be done directly in the browser (e.g., Google). The traditional way to pay for purchases using PayPal. It is an international system of money transfers, which is easy to connect a virtual or plastic card. Virtual Visa easy to make qiwi, after which it will be available for replenishment through a special terminal. To confirm each payment you will be receiving in the mail and on the phone message about payment and amount of fee for using PayPal.
Get ready for that shipping of goods will be long - from 20 to 60 days depending on the country of origin of the goods. Get the parcel you will be in the mail, pay extra for it do not have a penny. If you have a claim on the quality of the purchased goods, you can always complain to the administration of the auction or the seller himself. To do this, click on the button in the top corner of the screen to "Start a debate" and report the claim to the seller. If your requirements ebay will be seen as fair, all the money spent will be returned to your account within a few weeks.
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