Remove any existing account funds, use the money bonuses and coupons. Your account at the time of closure of the account should be empty.
Check whether you have active or open sales lots. Not if you ordered the previous week's goods or services, whether all suppliers produced a settlement.
On the page send a request to close your personal page, you need to agree to terms and choose one of the options: delete permanently or temporarily block the page.
Removal is formal, it means that your data will be stored in the system. If you decide to register again, you will need to make a new email ID.
For those who registered on the auction as entrepreneur (status "shop", "Commerce", etc.) may require a written notice to the company. Request for such action usually comes from the administration site on your registered email address. The letter will need to specify your full details, details of the account that should be deleted, sometimes the information about the last performed deal (you can see in the "dashboard"), as well as removal request. The document must be notarized. Naturally, in such situations, the Russians have some difficulties, in particular, the Americans refuse to accept the letters attested irrelevant to us law requirements, so many people simply "throw" accounts — it's cheaper than to legalize emails.
Your removal request will be processed within 2-3 days. If the company does not have to claim you, the account will be formally deleted.