You will need
  • 5 kg of red currant,
  • - 2-3 kg of sugar,
  • the 10 liter bottles.
Red currants should be thoroughly washed under running water and lay out to dry on a cloth napkin.
After that the currants should be cleaned of twigs and put in a large capacity, for example, 10-liter bottle.
Fill the bottle with currants 2-3 kg of sugar. Pour a specially prepared key or spring cold water so that to the top remained 10-15 centimeters.
Now the bottle must be closed by special cover, in which is inserted a flexible tube. The tube is put in a container with water and attaching the tube to the lid tightly paper over with wax or clay to avoid cracks. A water seal prevents air from entering the bottle of wineusing the water Cup you can determine the degree of fermentation and the end of separation bubbles in a container of water.
Put a bottle of winem the sun and soak about 20 days.
Then polypropolene wine , strain, pour back in the bottle and add a Cup of sugar. Cover with water slide.
A week later the wine ceases to ferment. Try gently to drain, not to disturb the sediment. Pour into prepared wine bottles.
For every 0,5 liter bottle, add 4 tbsp of vodka and cap. Store wine in a cool dark place.